Aug 21, 2017

Happy Eclipse day

to everyone that will be viewing the event.  I did not get the glasses and nature would probably call me away at that very time anyway.  Damn antibiotics.  What really ticks me off is the tooth being extracted tomorrow does not bother me at all.  But I guess the dying nerve can wreak havoc in the gums which has happened.  I just hope the bone graft he will use to fill the root cavity doesn't make it worse.  And guess what?  Another week of meds and sticking close to the bathroom.  Certainly putting a damper on the end of what has been a very short and very cool summer.
So about the sale .... it will be next week.  I haven't priced the others yet and need to buy boxes or padded envelopes for shipping just in case items sell, I want to be prepared. 
As for stitching, I find I am searching for food in the evening because my hands are idle.  Maybe I should look for a small to work on.  I have all that dotted linen that struck my fancy a while back and designs on it would be very small, but then I have more pieces to display.  So they should be Christmas ornaments.  But do I still think those dots are the bee's knees?  
For some reason (hormones revisited?) I am changing once again.  This time, even my favorite candle scents are causing my delicate olfactory sense to find them quite objectionable.  In other words, my big snorter thinks they stink.  Carole has a new hoard of candles now.  And if I could find a decent piece of fairly private property that didn't cost as much as the house, I would be building instead of trying to fix this one.  It's like crabass at defcon level 1, just waiting for someone to light the fuse and release my claws.
One thing that hasn't changed is my preference for sampler shapes.  I am drawn to longer and thinner pieces, really like my Fiske and Redd large squares,
but these wide rectangles, not so much.  I fringed Susannah all the way around, another mystery linen that raveled and I hated but primitive enough for this reproduction.  At one time she was hanging free, but now she is lying on the bench or table.  I have never understood the usage of lying and laying so if it's incorrect, excuse.  (Seeing the result of modern day teaching of grammar and spelling on social media, I should be concerned?) I am considering adding her to the sale also.  Susannah was not very good at alignment and this one is very primitive.
Lydia would look very nice in a black frame, she was wrapped around a large mache box and fit perfectly, but I tired of the box displays, too.  What the hell? 
My hair is even changing from bulky fuzz to flat thinning fuzz.  When I say that to someone they laugh, and obviously have no idea how badly a large claw around their neck would hurt.
Have a good day folks.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Sorry about the tooth issue. Antibiotics are no fun 😝
We don't have the eclipse glasses but are going to use the pinhole method. We'll see how that works!
I do love all you
r samplers. I hope you find something to work on soon.
Hugs 😎

Laura said...

So sorry to hear about your tooth. Happy Eclipse Day to you! I just watched it here in KY.

Vickie said...

We had nothing but cloudy skies up here. :(
Hope the dentist goes well Marly.

Barb said...

We had 97% here in Seattle area. Plus a sweet neighbor gave us glasses and had a sort of gathering at 10 this am. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and that troublesome tooth!!

C. M. Designs said...

I've had a tooth and antibiotic problem too. Tooth doesn't hurt and the entodontist (spelling ?) wanted a $400.00 copay. Canceled the appt. and will see how it goes.
I hope your extraction won't cause more problems.
Thinking of you.
Charlotte in Va.

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