Aug 19, 2017


Not sure if this is the end, but here are a few more.  The long ones are lined padded cases for skinny magnifiers in Amber linen.  Not absolutely sure about the Goode Huswife's Pennsylvania Beehive piece yet, but I think it's going.  Was going to add Two Horses but not sure about that one either.  Mark is telling me to keep those two.  I just have too many and am keeping mostly reproduction smalls.  I really want to reduce clutter and also be able to notice the piece without it getting lost in a grouping.
I remember what a chore it was when I offered too many boxes at one time and had to pack them.  I may split the lot into two sales, just to make it easier for me.  I have a week to decide and when the page is ready with prices and all items, I will let you know. 
Hope the weekend is going well.
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