Aug 17, 2017

One more thing

Greetings folks.  Yes, I know comments are disabled.  I am tiring of dealing with an intruder, registered with Google so the only way to block is to stop it all.  Decided to report to Google and let them handle it.
The sale next week will be by email as were the boxes.  Still working on descriptions and photos for you.

I wanted to add to yesterday's post but before that - if any of you use the PITA flea meds on your cats, here is a real deal.  Pet Armor Plus has the same active ingredient as Frontline for less.  I can only find 4 packs in the store, no longer the 6.  So I checked online and the 6 pack must be on clearance because it is only $25.  Great price for 6 vials if you have multiple cats.
One thing I forgot to add about the naked samplers.  If there is a chance you may frame them at some point, do not use fusible interfacing.  I always do when making a tuck or ornament, but not for framing.  It stabilizes the linen for hanging but the fusing would prevent any stretch to the piece when lacing or mounting to get a perfect edge. 
A few Christmas designs which are packed away with the others, were done differently.  I wanted more structure to the wimpy linen so I fused medium weight interfacing to muslin, laid the fused muslin on the back of the linen, folded the side edges over it and pressed, and folded down the top to create the hem pocket for the braid or boning.  It completely lines the linen, makes a nicer presentation, no folded edges visible through a sheer fabric.
That's all folks!
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