Aug 18, 2017

For your viewing

I've listed the sale items on the For SALE tab under the header photo for you to view.  You can email with questions, additional information, comments, just click the link.  I haven't worked on prices for everything yet, the photos took quite a while and posting forever!  So I am done for now.   
I am having major pain again with the jaw and having a tooth extracted beginning of next week.  With this TMJ flareup, I don't even know how he can work on me since my mouth only opens so far.  Regardless, a little miserable right now and I'm sure much more next week so the sale may be the last week of August.  Did I just say that?  Last week of summer?  Just added to my misery.  I will post before the sale to let you know when it will be.
Have a good weekend.
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