Aug 2, 2017

Polly with a twist

A quick post between Ann's to show Polly finished.
Lori Rippey's Polly Cole on 32 count.

I love this gal, even though she is twisted.  But Vonna named herself Twisted and she's a fine lady so we're good.  The dryer, the iron, the steaming, the stretching, the blocking, the wetting, the shaking, had me twisted into a knot.  She's not bad now, hasn't been interfaced or lined yet, and I am afraid to do either.  I have never faced this problem to this extent before, and the linen did come out of the dryer fairly even.  But as soon as I started turning the edges back, I could see that it wasn't only the measurement that was a problem.  The weave doesn't appear to be running true or square.
The only noticeable change I made in thread color was the large house because in the printed photo, it looked to be a light blue/gray and I liked it. So I subbed DMC 317 for 3781 (in the house), and 3032 for 3782 in the body. 

I would like to put all the long fringed pieces together eventually, but have taken most of them down for now.  I'm hoping the twist may work itself out if I leave her hanging for a while.  But that's about as likely as me having a good hair day. The boning is sewn into the top hem as the others.

I never mixed the framed pieces with the fringed before, and I don't think it looks bad.  So Polly may be hanging with a formal friend for a while.  Wherever she goes, I'm grateful that this chart was offered before my slump's final bell.  I really do not want to stitch.  But I can't stop playing with the linen.  Does that even make sense?  What good are the splendid colors if they aren't used?
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