Aug 4, 2017

Ann's needlerolls part 1

Ode to Mary Needleroll, Dames of the Needle, Finger Work here

A tribute to Mary Queen of Scots' life with symbols on the needleroll that play out Mary's short and catastrophic life.  I used 32 count Vintage Tundra by Lakeside Linen, DMC floss, and Elizabethan green ribbon by Gloriana for the faux ruching around the finished piece.

Sewing Roll, the Essamplaire  here.

Based on an antique sewing roll, the kit is complete.  It contains two small wooden spools and a thimble.  The thread for the spools comes out of two small holes and the thimble rests inside a large hole. 

It also has two needle leaves made from wool flannel  The entire roll is lined with silk and ties shut with an antique ribbon. 
Worked entirely in flame stitch on 35 count linen using silk floss, some satin stitches and buttonhole stitches to reinforce the holes.
My adapted sewing roll
I took the Essamplaire flamestitch design and using DMC floss and dyed linen and wool, stitched a small little roll, just for fun.  I love anything Bargello!

My vintage fabric needleroll.
I used some vintage scraps of fabric to hand stitch a needleroll.  Very simple and somewhat crude, a "just because" project - simply a fun stitch.

***********  Next, part 2 *************
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