Aug 4, 2017


I started stitching samplers decades ago, mostly kits containing 25 count linen.  As time moved on and a shop sprouted locally, 28 became my favorite.  Moving forward, 30.   Availability of linen colors prompted attempts at 32.  How could I ever go higher?  Viewing Glenna's and Margaret's blogs featuring work done on higher counts just amazed me.  But one day, wanting the finish to be smaller, I tried 35 with one thread.  The difference?  Stronger magnifiers. Stitching on the higher count is no different than the lower when you have the correct magnification to see the weave well enough.  Those glasses were never used before but now, I use them for all counts, my latest favorite being 35.  My monster floor base Dazor mag lamp is only used for deep splinters.  Or a tick in my neck.
 So now, we're at 40.  The years of avoidance and apprehension are over.  I have arrived. Kris's gift was so tiny and sweet I just had to stitch it myself, on 40, my second 40 counter. (Chums is sitting on Mary Spinney.)  Except for a few designs that I could not resist, I really feel the stitch is over.  Just when 40 becomes a reality.  I don't mind the smalls but I have enough finishes for display and many are even put away.  I so wanted to have big girls Mary Spence, Mary Elliot, and Sarah Harvey and one day I may. 
Yep, I am thinking about closing shop for a while.  Work on some sewing projects, box tops, items for selling?  I don't know.  The number of readers has fallen according to Blogger stats, maybe it's time.  We'll see.  It seems the menocurse is once again creating a what-the-hell-do-I-want mental state.  Mark is encouraging me to continue stitching but I think there is an ulterior motive.  He sees me intently looking around the rooms and that instills fear in most men.  Fear that ideas, changes, disruptions may be coming before the last group is even finished.   Little does he know that the look is because I am ...
a) searching for misplaced items
 b) looking for a reminder of what I was just doing
 c) trying to remember the day of the week
 d) figuring how many Dove are allowed in my carb count
 e) wondering what I came into the room for
 f) is that a mosquito?
g) wondering if there is a spider in those cobwebs.
A few more needlerolls from Ann Sunday morning.
Have a great weekend.
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