Aug 1, 2017

This Bud's for you

Our deck guard, with a variety of watchposts.

Thanks for the suggestions but our services here offer no options.  They don't take electronics and even if they did, 40# is the pickup limit.  We don't even have curbside recycling like surrounding communities, and need to take our items to a center, which we do. But not one of my seven "environmentalist" neighbors will get off their lazy asses to do so.  Once a year we have a recycling event (out of town) and they weigh the items.  Very few people show.  Her old 21" TV cost $97.50, this one is 36" old style and is well over 100# (lots of lead!) so it will cost several hundred dollars to dispose off.  Ridiculous.  Best Buy will pick it up for $100 charge.  If you purchase a 50" or larger TV and have it delivered, they will remove the old one for $15.  A good deal but the 50" is more than she can afford, but so is the disposal fee.  Delivery for a smaller size would be $70 + the $15 removal.  I guess the best deal.  It's always something.  Maybe because I have Roseanne Rosannadanna's hair.
Wasn't that a great tip - put the Thread Heaven ball in a twist up lipstick tube?  I believe the craft store has empty tubes for making your own lip balm.  But I can also clean out an old chap stick.  Perfect!  Will still cut a slit in it for the thread to slide through, easy on off cap, handy, don't have to handle the material.  Now all I have to do is want to stitch. Tsk tsk tsk.


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