Jul 31, 2017

Summer days

For me, too few.  August.  Already. 
Missy was enjoying the beautiful weekend, snoozing in the shade.
 I was reading Bobbie's post about using wax on her thread, seems I'm not the only one having some problems.  My DMC has been shredding so easily, whether removing just a few stitches or pulling through coarse linen, so I'm glad she mentioned this.  On the stiff 40 count I was playing with, the wax did nothing, in fact, it seemed sticky.  I could feel a drag.  On a lower count or softer linen, maybe not.  So I got the tiny box of Thread Heaven that I ..  a) forgot about b) misplaced c) had trouble holding d) all of the above, and used a different method to apply. 
Not sure of the correct way and too lazy to look it up, I removed it from the slippery cube and made a ball, sliced it deep, and put it back inside.  I embedded the thread in the cut and pulled it through easily.  With my arthritis, I had difficulty holding that little cube with my right hand and pressing a thread onto the material while the left hand pulled it over. With the thread inside the slit, no reason to hold it down so pulling it was easier.  Is this the method recommended and I once again was not paying attention?  That thread was gliding through the linen like a hot knife through butter.  Wonderful stuff for coarse linen.  I need to make an easy to hold case or something to make it easier.  My wax case is too large for this tiny stuff.
Carole's TV died and we have to go on a hunt for a replacement and options for disposal of the 36" old model.  Best Buy only takes to 32", she was charged $100 to recycle another.  With those fees, it's no surprise to see them discarded in wooded areas.  The old picture tubes contain pounds of toxic lead and other materials. 
She has decided to not have the gallbladder surgery and I agree.  Since nothing ever goes smoothly with her and this was the first attack, mild, she will try diet before surgery.  Hopefully, August will be event free.  And last longer than July did.
Have a good day!
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