Sep 11, 2017


for anyone trying the zucchini bread.  I made a correction to the coconut amount in the recipe posted earlier.  I made four loaves for the freezer, kept half of one out, and it did not taste the same as Carole's.  Why you ask?  Because ditzy sister once again didn't pay attention.  I loved hers, she gave me the recipe, and failed to tell me that she increased the coconut to 1 full cup, not 1/2 as the recipe calls for.  And her 1 cup of sugar was heaping.  But of course, she didn't tell me that either.  So I made the four loaves as she instructed and they are good, but not as sweet and as flavorful as hers that we so enjoyed.  Next time, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup packed sweetened coconut.   My brother prefers less sweet and my aunt (exactly like her sister, my mom) criticizes everything, so they will get a loaf each.  Done!  Maybe I'll take the last loaf to the car dealer since the lease offer they gave us is $60 more a month for the exact car that our friend leased last fall, only $500 difference in sticker.  So the loaf won't be a sweet offering, it will be a projectile.

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