Sep 11, 2017

Zucchini bread!

Oh my oh my.  I've had several recipes for zucchini bread but this one shot to the top. (edited to add - nothing will top the death by chocolate, goes without saying)  The only change I made is noted on the recipe.  I started using parchment paper to line the pans so I can lift them out without breaking.

Still ridding and this batch, most all new (and small) will go to the gal I'm paying to clean Carole's house.  She is a worker!  Inside outside basement closets windows yard work you tell her and she'll get it done.  Her beloved dog died over the weekend, best bud and constant companion to her horse.  All are mourning the loss.  So glad we found her because there would have been a few altercations if I did it.  More than a few.  
Disappointed to find out that the old comic books, Star Wars first issues, are not the high high high priced ones.  If the price is in a diamond and there is no UPC code at the bottom, it was second printing.  Damn.
Spitini (spidini) for dinner with first year Roma beans, bacon and garlic.
The beans and tomatoes are finished, as are my petunias from the weeks of cold temps, but as long as the zucchini keep coming there will be bread in the freezer.


Vickie said...

Good for you giving your stuff to the excellent worker. That is so nice. And good for your with your zucchini! My crop was a total wash this year. :( Who ever heard of a zucchini plant NOT producing?!?!

Karen Budnick said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog about my kids. They made it through Irma but now their flight home is cancelled and they won't be going anywhere until Friday. They're okay at Disney hotel for a couple of days but after that they may have to find lodging elsewhere. I hope they're done with Mickey for a while - at least my son is! I have to say I had to look up your Spadini. My first husband's mother was Sicilian but she never served them to us - so it's a new one on me. I can totally sympathize with you now - my husband and his sister are suddenly caring for their elderly brother. He was going blind but didn't tell anybody and I'm sure you can imagine how that's working out. Take care!

diamondc said...

Marly: What a sweet gesture to give the clothing to her, you are very sweet.
I love to bake breads and this recipe looks yummy.
Your dinner looks yummy also.
I have miniature tomatoes coming out of my ears I am kind of sick of them now, I will not say that this winter I bet, I will be craving them.


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

I feel your pain on the comic books-that seems to be the story of my life!

Carol said...

The bread looks amazing--will definitely take note of your corrections in your latest post!

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