Sep 3, 2017

One motif at a time

Looking through sampler charts, not finding Mary Monier, I came across Elizabeth Wipp.  Several motifs in this work are the correct size for a 40 count ornament.  This is the first.  If I continue with motif ornaments (IF!) I will wait until the group is complete before finishing.  They may need a little sprig of holly or something.  Leaving them simple and ageing the edges may be the better look for a primitive feather style tree.  Getting ahead of myself here, let's see how far I get on stitching first.
I only found four photos of this sampler on Pinterest, I don't know who to attribute this photo.  The designer is The Goode Huswife, stitcher is unknown.
Edit - Stitcher and owner of this sampler is Carol Iverson.
Looks to be any easy stitch, and I am considering this.  I do have a box it could be mounted to, and also a flat wall basket the correct size.  But framing would be the best option.  Maybe I would like to stitch it, but not keep it.  Maybe I won't stitch it at all!! 
Fried green tomatoes.  Hot from the pan, I plated with crumbed Feta between two layers and drizzled with reduced balsamic.  I reduce the vinegar by half, doesn't take long at all in a small hot pan, and also tossed our green beans with garlic in the same pan.  Thick and syrupy, so good.  We have a local shop that carries Ariston balsamic and I use that most often, no reduction necessary, but I ran out.  I use it all the time on avocado salads and fresh tomatoes.
And I took a reader's advice by storing other bowls inside the monster.  Lifted the gourd perfectly.  Thank you!
 Our furnace has been running for two days.  So disappointed it's over and really ticked that it wasn't even a summer. 
We went to the animal donation trailers leaving for Texas and I got choked up when I saw the number of people bringing medical supplies, bedding, food, litter, everything.  I just saw that they need pop up tents, crates, and fans.  There was a sweet
Chihuahua shown for adoption at PetresQ inc. in NJ from Harvey that was shaking the entire time.  So sweet and calm, just breaks your heart.
Stay safe, thanks for visiting.


kelley said...

love the idea of little motifs as're off to a good start...beautiful sampler...I often want to make things and not keep them...I ended up donating $$ to Mercy Chefs after reading about them on FB and seeing all the positive comments from folks they have served other times...worrying about my sister on the NC coast...

Carmen Sutton said...

Good idea with your ornaments from Elizabeth whip sampler which is by Goode Huswife.

diamondc said...

Marly: Lovely design, I am interested in seeing the finished group of designs.
It is sad that this is happening to all the people and animals in the south, I am heartbroken I cannot adopt from NJ, we live way over in Minnesota.
I love fried green tomatoes, so yummy.


C. M. Designs said...

Between the devastation in Texas and what is going on in No. Korea I'm really concerned.
I feel terrible for the pets that will probably never see their "parents" again. Poor babies. It's awful.
Your tree with your "littles" will be fantastic.
Love the idea of smaller bowls in your huge one. There's always a way ! So said my Mom.
Take care !
Charlotte in Va.

Three Sheep Studio said...

Love everything about the deer motif - color and shape. Wonderful idea for a feather tree.
Those fried tomatoes look amazing. Balsamic and feta - a scrumptious match !

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your fried green tomatoes look GOOD!
Such devastation in Texas for both humans and animals. We must count our blessings.
Happy Labor Day :)

Maggee said...

I have never had fried green tomatoes, but those pictures made my mouth water. I love grilled green beans... but I bet fried are good too! Your stitched deer is very nice! Crossing my fingers you stay enthused about the feather tree... Hugs!

Carol said...

Love the finished deer, Marly, and your idea of waiting to finish all of your motifs together is a good one. Wish I had done that with some of the series that I've stitched...

Yes, our furnace came on on Friday--don't ever remember it being on that early. At least today is nice--and then it's all downhill this week :(

Mary said...

I am always stacking bowls inside each other, best way to store I do put a coffee filter paper underneath. Yes even in wooden bowls, you cannot be too careful. Love anything fried, years ago my travel buddy and I , went to Nebraska at a restaurant we had ( for the first time) deep fried dill pickles. Wonderful. Husband wanted to turn on furnace but not yet ,just put on a sweater and socks! Because here in RI chilly nights but still hot days. Recently every morning when I wake up I think about those poor Texans who have lost everything waking up in a center. Take care all.

Krissy B. said...

I want to come to your house and go through your patterns. Everything you post is so wonderful! I have a feeling I'd be there for days. LOL!

Margaret said...

I like the moitfs -- nice! I've been stubborn about the furnace. I knew it was getting warmer again, so I just sat in the house and shivered. lol!

Beth Wiksen said...

You are so lucky to have that Goode Huswife Pattern! I met Ann last March at the Nashville market and I asked her if she was ever going to start designing again. She just laughed! I took that for a no! Lol!

Marti Langland said...

Such creativity! In some way we can all help the people of Texas. Never under estimate the spiritual power of prayer!

Carol Iverson said...

The Elizabeth Wipp sampler is mine Marly.

deb said...

The stag motif looks wonderful. 40-count makes for beautiful finished pieces but I'm scared of it lately - 36 is hard enough to see. Or maybe I just need stronger readers?

I like the bowls all stacked - lets that pumpkin really visible without the fuss of a filler.

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