Sep 1, 2017

The fringe, final episode

I wondered where Miss Lydia Broome was hiding, and today lost was found.  For those of you on the fringe with samplers, here's a way to achieve that look on smaller pieces.  Once again I am posting something you already know about, probably more so.

Miss Lydia (Pineberry Lane) has been in various poses of different settings and I was sorry I did not frame her in a dark rustic wood, but it was too late.  Once sewn into a pillow with edges trimmed there is no going back.  Not with this linen.  It is thick and nubby yet soft, and attaching a muslin border for mounting would probably have worked, but I had no intentions of trying.  The fabric threads just seem to be ... I don't know .... loose?  Like they would pull out of alignment easily with any tension. 

Instead, I backed her with the same linen, machine sewed the edges in a matching thread, stuffed, sewed the opening, and fringed.  This linen is perfect for it.  Using both sides it created a thick nice finish.  A stiff and thin linen, no way.  An option for any size pillow, tuck, ornament.  I may look for the chart and stitch again on a high count for framing.  I believe this was 28 count.

This Jingle Bird (Tina Woltman) was finished using the same method, used two linen pieces (different shades) on the back for thicker and variegated fringe, a tiny zig zag machine stitch on the very edge here.  Neither of the linen backs were to be used for stitching, didn't like the odd color and the other was 25 count.  No wonder I can't find this bird - another giveaway.

Remember the Turkey Trot? 
here and here
A heck of a lot of work for a contrast fringe, but fun to do.
Freezing my butt off today.  We have never had such a chilly August.  No warm evenings or hot days, just light jackets and closed windows.  The entire month!  September is starting off like October.
And I thanked Donna for her suggestion of using small motifs from other pieces for my little feather tree ornaments.  Thanks again Donna!  That will be my plan.
Have a good one!


Carol said...

I love this fringed edge idea, Marly, and it is something I've never thought about. Will definitely try it on some looser linen pieces!

Yes, the summer that wasn't. I truly feel cheated, don't you?

Chrie said...

Again, Marly, it is wonderful when you show us finishes with very helpful info on how to achieve...many thanks!!

Monica Goodreau said...

Good idea. I will have to try this too. Easy way to get a unique finish. Thanks for sharing!

Kristen said...

I love the fringing. I bought the pattern for Miss Lydia after seeing your piece a few years ago. I really should stitch it up.

Barb said...

What a great idea for fringing. Thank you! I do love Miss Lydia. Come on out to the Pacific NW. They are predicting near 100 for both Tues. and Wed.

Truus said...

Never did the fringing on my pieces and will give it a go next time. Love these pieces you are showing.
Have a great weekend
Greetings Truus from Holland

Vickie said...

That thick fringe is fabulous. I keep trying to wrap my head around the fact that I now love cold weather. Even in summer.

PatTofDE said...

Yeah! So a bit back I posted that I missed the links to others' blogs...eureka...they are back in abundance. Thank you so much! I always check out your blog first, Marly, and then peak at others. You've been such an inspiration to me. I'm beginning a wall of samplers. I love your kind heart and your independence and creativity with needle and thread. Your blog is like stepping into a library for stitchers! Have a most wonderful day!

diamondc said...

Good morning Marly: Brrr it is cold in Minnesota also, love the fringe thank-you for showing this to us, I did look at the here and here pages great way to do fringe.


C. M. Designs said...

Looking forward to seeing your little Christmas ornaments. Clever idea !
Stay warm and cozy.........been a droopy day here in my neck of the woods.
Charlotte in Va.

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Marly, you did good ... I truly love the fringe finish.
Keep warm as we try to keep cool in 3 digit temps with humidity here in the Mojave Desert. I'll trade!

Have a great 'Labor Day Holiday', Peace and Blessings,

CJ said...

Love your smalls. Send some of that cool weather to Texas, please!!


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