Oct 26, 2017


and getting ready to pick a linen for Belsnickle.  You know I always change a few colors, haven't really decided if that will happen and I am fairly sure Mr. Blue will stay, but the border may end up green or brown.
I had a difficult time discerning the symbol patterns so I colored them, but then enlarged to make it easier yet.  With my stitching attitude still snarky, I need to avoid any little frustrations.  I've done this with many samplers and designs, always a huge help.
It's turned chilly, so that means I'll be hosting three flea ridden brats more often.  I want to buy a cat tree for them but haven't seen one that has removable/washable covers to the perches.  These cats are filthy and always leave a dirty spot wherever they lay.  And this gives new meaning to the term, face plant.
Starting to feel human again - thanks for your well wishes.
Have a good day!


Mary said...

Nice idea about coloring but I was never the neatest of colorists...as a kid and even now. Your cats are not the only filthy ones, one of mine wherever she lays leaves dirt. She loves to roll around in the dirt outside. When I changed the bedspread in guest room I took it off and thought I had bugs, no just Aggie's dirt falling through fabric! And she is in the house by six at night plenty of time to take a bath you would think. I wish my two cats ere cuddles, so sweet.

C. M. Designs said...

Those are two lucky kitties. Why do kitties love boxes of all shapes and sizes ? Mine do too !
This cooler weather is making me think more of Christmas. Looking forward to seeing your new Santa.
Charlotte in Va.

Vickie said...

Missy is adorable. Don't tell her I said that!! ;)

Frances N said...

Look at those sweet kitties, all squished up in a box together! They don't look dirty! I know that they probably love to roll in dirt--I had a childhood cat that did! I've had inside cats as an adult, so the only dirt now comes from my house!!!!

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