Oct 24, 2017


I started stitching a few Christmas related words to sew into tiny hearts or squares for the small trees. Yule, Wish, Hope, Eve, Jolly, Star, Bells, Holy, Noel, Joy are some that I may use.  I should of course have the fabric cut first because I may be limiting the heart shape, but then again, I want them very small for a feather style tree so hearts may not work.  Whether I stitch a green sprig of holly or gold star will be determined later.  I didn't realize when ordering this linen online that the pattern was actually .... paint?  I wanted to age the fabric and darken the white but it won't take.  Anyone have a suggestion?   Maybe the Ranger ink pad will work, haven't tried that yet.
I should be getting Belsnickle in a day or two but I am still pretty sick and not in the mood for following a pattern.  I may have to go to the doctor again. 
Weather changed!  My warm days are over replaced by a blustery wind.  I like wind and after raining the sun appeared, leaves were blowing down against a dark sky but rays of sunshine were breaking through.  Sounds idyllic for a fall day.  Eh.  I'm just trying to talk myself into it.  A week from today will be November and I will need something sweet to get me through.
Hope your week is going well.


C. M. Designs said...

Thinking of you, Marly. Sorry you're not feeling well. I wish the mild temps of October would stay a while longer. Am thinking I don't like Winter anymore.....Spring will be nice to look forward to.
I think I'll make some pumpkin bread today. I need something sweet too and the oven will warm my kitchen. Kids still have the AC on..........for the computers. UGH !
Your little Christmas words will be sweet on your feather tree.
Take care !
Charlotte in Va.

Maggee said...

Yes, I was very disappointed to find the polka dots were just on top of the fabric, and besides that... tough to get through! Not my fave! I have been to the doctor two times, on the 5th... diagnosis Strep and an Ear Infection. And again, on the 19th, because I felt no better. And sure enough, had not gone away! Now I finished the SECOND go-round of meds, I still have a really sore throat and ear pain...WTH??? Hope YOU can get better!! Hugs!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Feel better soon!
I'm already missing those beautiful October days we had. Winter coat and gloves for my morning walk and to walk the dog. UGH :(

Vickie said...

I'm sorry your still sick my friend. Your stitching plans look great. I look forward to seeing the finished results. Hectic over here!

Mary said...

I am sorry you are still not feeling well. When you are sick nothing can cheer you up, but we must try. How about settling in and watching an old favorite movie, something with Cary Grant always makes me feel better. At this time of year Arsenic and Old Lace is good for a smile or two. Feel better soon.

Robin in Virginia said...

I like the words that you have stitched and will be stitching. Instead of hearts, maybe either circular or rectangular shaped ornaments. Sending get well thoughts your way!

jtobias said...

How disappointing that the fabric is painted. Maybe you could try some liquid shoe polish or stain? You may have to rough the fabric up a bit to get it to adhere. Good luck!

Vera said...

What a cute/great idea for a feather tree. Hope you feel better Marly!

Pam in IL said...

I was disappointed in the dot fabric as well. I turned the fabric over so the painted dots were on the back side. The dots still showed through the fabric, just much lighter. Hope you feel better soon.

Truus said...

Get well soon Marly.
Do like the idea of little hearts with these words.
When you bent the fabric on the dots it will crack and mostly you can get the dot of the fabric. I was also disappointed when I bought the fabric. It looks nice with winter scenes but it does not work very well.
Greetings Truus from Holland

Frances N said...

Hope you'll be feeling better soon.
I have some of that dotted fabric. I love the look of it, but I didn't know it was painted, either. I tried a little stitching on it and if the dot is over a hole you need to stitch through, it can be hard to push the needle through the blob of paint! I gave up on what I was stitching, but I should probably get it back out and suffer through those stopped up holes! ha

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