Oct 22, 2017

Graphics, HRT, diets, and SOOT

Well that's a title ain't it?  My sinuses are exerting pressure on my brain so if this post rambles on, so sorry.  Trying not to take any meds of any kind while my kidneys are studying for their test.
I am tired of seeing the bracelet ads on Pinterest along with others, are you?  And I do not like the new format where the information of the photo is not always listed beneath.  But I happened to spot a few pins that piqued my interest of an Etsy site, Marys Montage.  Great digital graphics to download and print.  So many for Halloween but also items like these..
I found many for tags and cards and journal covers that I can print on cardstock including Christmas designs.  I don't browse Etsy so maybe there are others with such graphics but why search when I am thrilled with these?  I'm assuming once downloaded they can be opened in Paint and sized in page setup to my preference.
I wasn't going to bring this up, but I am.  Sitting outside enjoying the warmth, feeling chatty, and Bud doesn't want to listen so I'll tell you.  I've about had it with this menobullcrap after 15 years or so.  My friend from Nevada has been on hormone replacement patches for years.  So I asked my doctor if the hype about BC in the family really excludes patients from this and she said no.  The evidence does not support the claims after years of controlled groups, and was never a high enough dose to cause an issue.  Hmm.  PATCH SMACK ME!!  Nope.  I'm too late.  Seems you must start the therapy at the onset of meno, not years later.  Damn.  Fifteen years too late after believing the unfounded hype.  As with caffeine, bacon, butter, good carbs, eggs, and everything else.  Recent studies have found that the saturated fat causing breast cancer claim is also debunked.  But all of this depends on who did the study because there are some groups that still believe the incidence is higher with HRT, and others that claim studies done with groups taking nothing at all, showed the same rates of cancer.  None of my family or friends with the diagnosis ever took hormones.  My PCP insists that a plant based diet will stop menopause symptoms, prevent cancer and heart attacks, and keep you out of a nursing home from dementia.  Really?
My vegetarian cousin whose family had no incidences of any cancers, was diagnosed with it in her 50's, and then went on to a facility at 64 because of frontotemporal dementia.  My father ate everything, including high fat and non-healthy foods, had the heart of a 50 year old, the mind of a 30 year old, and at 89 a doctor killed him.  Two examples where diet cannot change your genetics.  A healthy diet is of course important, but everything in moderation sounds good to me.
What I really wanted to bring up and got off track about is that I have been once again experiencing SOOT.  Sudden Onset Of Tears.  From commercials, songs, cute babies, crying children, roadkill, stupid TV shows, cemeteries, military, patriotic verse, WWII (that's not new), dogs riding in cars, and those Cadbury fruit and nut bars that Bertie got me hooked on.  There's more but I don't want to get all soggy right now.  My nose is red and running enough without another meltdown, but the good news is that they don't last long at all.  I think the SOOT car became unhitched from the menocoaster and once the ride comes back around, it will reconnect and move on to its hills and valleys.  I never bought a ticket for this ride, but would sure like a refund.

Starting a little Christmas stitch this evening.  Be back with the winner later.

Thanks for listening!!
(and check out Marys Montage)



deb said...

SOOT! OMG, there's a name for it! And I don't care at all if the acronym is yours or the medical community's, IT HAS A NAME!

Um, guess you can tell I'm a fellow sufferer. My menocrap is years behind me, but SOOT and the occasional counterswing of instant anger come to visit periodically, making me wonder if I got rid of everything except the emotional rollercoaster part of PMS.

Great graphics, btw.

acorn hollow said...

Ahh the menocrap I was on HRT but my 35 year old niece got uterine cancer and she had to go cold turkey so I thought I should. It wasn't a great idea for sure. I had hot flashes that were so bad I would stand outside in the middle of winter and you could see the steam coming off my body. I still have the night thing now and then, I cry to but I guess that is just me. I cry when I get mad which makes me madder! great grandmother lived until 100 and my aunt is 93 and eats whatever she wants and always has. I try to be good but it is what it is.
now I am off to look at the graphics.

Kristen said...

I agree about genetics vs. diet, Marley, but eating soy does help my hot flashes. Sometimes I get sick of tofu and don't eat any and sure enough, the flashes come roaring back. It's not bad if it's prepared right.

Barb said...

No tears for me but hot flashes!!! I am often woken up at night due to them. If it is late enough, I have trouble getting back to sleep. I told my PCP and her comment was,"That must be frustrating." My dear step-mom said her mother had them until she died in her 80's. So I have given up any hope for them ending. Life goes on.

celkalee said...

While it is difficult to gather the tone of your post I am assuming there is an element of humor here in spite of the discomfort and dis-information we have all believed for many years. I must confess that during the meno-moments I had three hot flashes. That's it. They were stinkers but just three. I don't reveal this to sound "special" but to add that SOOT is not part of that for me. SOOT is the result of age and its consequences. So, fear not, I believe that you are not alone. The rest of us just didn't have a name for it! Thanks for the info about the little printables. They are darling.

kelley said...

yikes! I'm lucky I guess to be numbed by my anti anxiety/depression meds...it takes a hell of a lot to make me cry...but I am usually able to get pissed off in an instant...if you have thyroid issues avoid soy...the crow graphic has me smiling...

Rugs and Pugs said...

My hot flashes have been going strong for 15 years and I am tired of them. I wouldn't know what it's like to get through the night without a few.
I'm like Cathy. I cry when mad and that's just not right.
Thanks for the graphics link.
I think our gorgeous weather may be coming to an end, but I sure have enjoyed it.

Mary said...

I do believe most of these hot flashes are in the genes, but I will say plant based diets are healthy for cholesterol levels. I lowered mine by 40 points by making small changes. I did take HRT for ten year then stopped , now not so bad. I remember saying I could not wait for them to start I was always cold, then when they began no need to ever bring out the winter clothes! It did not help that I got no sympathy from husband either, oh well. Now an occasional fanning helps. I have small hand fans everywhere.

Mary said...

Forgot to say I have always been a cryer, nothing to do with menopause. Remember this Church of Latter Day Saints commercials decades ago....I always cried. My adult children still tell their friends that went they were small and watched The Last Unicorn, "my Mother always cries at the end" . True I do, my family cries at everything but nothing that has to do directly with us...true Yankee spirit, like British Stiff Upper Lip.

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