Oct 22, 2017


Greetings once again!  Bud and I are back in the house, showered, snotty nosed, and craving a Jamoca shake.  Just want to mention that the SOOT has come and gone before.  Doesn't happen when I'm mad, only for something that touches my emotions like a Hallmark moment.  I did try more soy, OTC herbals, and anti depressants.  When caring for mom years ago, one of those meds helped me deal with moods, and when doc ordered them for me again six years later, they had a completely different effect.  After a few weeks, I had a hard time managing anger.  A simple incident could set me off to over reacting.  I stopped them and haven't tried any others.  It will pass as always.
So.  Anonymous Roann's number was drawn for the red sampler.  Hey Roann!  Thanks for listing your email - I will contact you shortly.
Thanks everyone.  Have a great start to your week.
Just bought Lori's Blue Belsnickle.


Barb said...

What a great Santa and blue, my favorite !

Coralie said...

J'adore ce père-noël! Mon grand-père fumait la pipe, je me souviens encore de l'odeur de son tabac: l'Amsterdamer...Je traite aussi mes émotions avec des plantes, bon courage!

Marie Phelps said...

Where can I purchase pattern for blue belsnickle? Thank you, Marie

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