Nov 1, 2017

Gourd cleanup

How's your week going?  It's November, no need to relay how I'm feeling about that.

Still not right (and may never be) but I am feeling a little better.  Except for the neck and palpitations.  I suspect the Afib is full blown because I actually feel weak when that tap dancing in my chest takes place.  I guess another monitor is in my future.  My arm's pain is affected by more than 15 minutes of stitching so that has slowed down.

I am taking more primitive items to the local shop (donations) and plan to ask if they want my gourd excess.  These I will charge for so maybe they won't want them.  I found a bag in the attic and also a tote in the basement, all in natural state (grunge fest) so I am scraping and then will wash a few for a variety.  Something for everyone from smooth and clean to rough and dirty.

Little girl Missy is sick.  My brother got amoxicillin from his vet for me, it's all respiratory.  I got the dropper into her once yesterday and can not approach her since.  It's cold and rainy and she took off when the door opened.  She's finally back and sleeping with Bud inside.  One way or another I will get her on that table and she will get dosed again.  I can't get on the floor since the fall in Sears.  That reminds me.... the next time I fall and it is because of negligence as the Hubbard hardware store was guilty of, I will take photos and names of those around me.  That bastard would not even pay my co-pays or answer my phone calls after I sent doc reports of not one, but two sprained ankles.  Was not easy walking!  But without evidence except for one employee and two men whose names I don't have, nothing I can do.  I did not intent to sue but next time, I will at least have evidence if I am treated as this owner did.
Woody is moving from house to mailbox and over the summer, the corner trim boards suffered extensive damage as did the chimney surround.  The hole into the attic is still covered with the metal sheeting from two years ago and so far, so good.
Still waiting for my test results and hoping for the best.
Have a good day!


Rugs and Pugs said...

Hoping for great news from your tests!
I have so many gourds, too, just sitting in bags and boxes in the basement. Why, oh why???
November. UGH!

gracie said...

Those Woodpecker can really be a nuisance and cause damage. The one who visits me just wants the hummingbird food.

C. M. Designs said...

The woodpeckers that have been in my yard only visit one tree. Thank goodness ! Can't imaging why yours is being so difficult.
Sorry you and Missy are not feeling well. I hope you both feel much better soon.
Love the shape of your gourds. I bought several with holes cut for my birds to nest in. They love them.
Take care.
Charlotte in Va.

Annmarie said...

Thoughts and prayers for good news. Take care

Frances N said...

I'm sorry you and the cat aren't feeling well! Hope you both get better quickly!!
I've never had any gourds, but I've seen people make birdhouses with them! cute!
That woodpecker is a challenge!!

Maggee said...

I hope that all these health issues simmer down for you, and disappear (wishful thinking, I know...)! I cannot believe the woodpecker... but that's what they do...usually to TREES! Must be demented!! Take care! Hugs!

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