Dec 2, 2017

It only takes a peek

After reading a post on a stitcher's Facebook page about JBW Designs, I clicked the link and immediately noticed the snippet of a sampler in the header photo.  I. want. it.  After sending an inquiry, I quickly learned from Judy that it was an older chart titled Miss Mary's Sampler 1796.  How nice it was of her to contact me so quickly and with the info I needed (I was searching for Mary Wilson).  To my delight, 123Stitch had this chart on clearance and it must have been the last one because it is now sold out.  Meant to be!  I love these colors and the bottom area.  Ordered another piece of 40 count too.

If you're wondering why I haven't shown progress on Ellen Ford, my right thumb split open as happens, and it was so sore I could not pull the needle.  It started healing until one of the needles from the very stiff tree I was decorating, hit the bulls eye.  With all that space on my big fat thumb, it lands inside the crack.   It is better and I hope to start tonight.  My hands turn to Velcro every winter and after one doctor told me to use Hydrocortisone cream twice daily, huge difference. 
I was really anxious to decorate and for some reason, that fizzled somewhat.  Not sure why, but a few of my small trees are going back into our attic.  I considered purchasing a larger fuller tree this year, getting bored with the same ones every year, but haven't.  Been busy with ordering gifts (my sister rarely does her own shopping) and after wasting days researching compression back braces for my nephew (his back was broken years ago) I received it and now realize that with his diabetic pump and sensor, this will not work.  Since a light touch to the sensor is painful, the compression would be brutal, and I am concerned about the tubing and insulin delivery.  I was really hoping this would be a blessing for his constant pain and the sensor could be moved, but not the port.
I start physical therapy on Thursday for an evaluation of my rotator cuff and shoulder impingement.  After she tested me with various positions of agony, I could barely use that arm the next day.  I can't wait to see how it will feel after a therapist yanks it.
Have a great weekend!!
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diamondc said...

Marly: ow on your shoulder, Mike had rotator cuff surgery was mad he did it while he was recovering but after recovery he is so happy, I hope therapy helps you and not have to have surgery.
I used to put up so many trees, now I am down to two, I love decorating but the taking down just about kills me.
I would find it hard to do someone else's shopping, you are such a sweet Lady to shop for your sister.
Love the Sampler it looks like a beauty, I will be waiting to see the progress on your stitching.
I am like you if I get an owy I always seem to keep injuring it, I can only imagine what it felt like getting poked in there again.

Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

You go girl. The sampler is a perfect choice and well deserved after all the worry you have endured in recent weeks. I do hope that any physio or treatment you receive will be successful. Just the thought of what you did to you poorly thumb makes me think Ouch!
Christmas blessings to you and all your family.

Carol Iverson said...

Marly is Mary Wilson a repro? I love the colors and ordered it too. I'm running out of wall space so have to start stitching small samplers. I've had rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders. It's a tough surgery as is total knee replacements and I've had both knees done too. Just have to be vigilant and religious about the daily exercises to get back in shape.
Your Christmas decorating is always a treat to see. I, too, am not doing as much as I used to do - have to start downsizing, too and it's not easy. Do have an enjoyable Christmas and New Years. May 2018 be a wonderful year for you and your hubby.

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