Dec 1, 2017

The Santa dilemma

I worked on the pillows and smashed them somewhat, much better.  There was only one that wasn't straight on the bottom and that happened to be the one I examined which is now corrected.  The backings vary, some velvet, some matching linen.  The matching cord hangers are long and I twisted them to hang on this 4' tree.  My dilemma?  They are too large for me, but if I remove the backstitching and sew them close to the stitched body I would like them much better.  So for $3 each, backing and cording already at hand, I am considering the purchase.  I do not believe the backstitches would leave any marks (they are all lined but not fused) and most of that area would be cut off anyway.  I need to think about this for a day.  I just wonder if they will still be too large for my small trees, but I could hang them anywhere.  Sounds like I am leaning toward the task!

When I checked my inventory to see if I still had the cards, I found that I offered them in a giveaway a while ago.  But found others online, designs and Santa series from Heartstrings on cards, really different from the traditional solid coat.  Did I have those too?  Yep.  Gave them away?  Yep.  I think they were in the Goodwill batch. 
Nice day again today and tomorrow.  Hopefully it will be the last days of blowing leaves.
Have a good one!


Karen Martinsen said...

What beautiful pillows! I know we are very hard on our own work and see if differently than others do...I think the pillows look fine this size.

Barb said...

They look fine. I do that too, get rid of something and then wish I had it!

Truus said...

I like these Santa's as they are now with the text around.
If you will re size them perhaps you can cut the size you will out of paper and hang these in the tree.So you can see if the size is okay to you.
Have a great weekend
Greetings Truus from Holland

C. M. Designs said...

I agree with Karen. Maybe use them on a larger about doing the letters as you mentioned some time ago........just an idea. These Santas are so different and very nice.
Have a good weekend.
Charlotte in Va.

Carol Sferra said...

I love them!!!!

Sarah Marchuk said...

Beautiful work Marly

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