Dec 5, 2017

Making progress

Many of the stitched ornaments are not hanging on trees this year.
If you look closely you'll see the little plastic soldier.  Several are throughout the decorations as a reminder of our military.
Still not stitching, my thumb is worse after removing those fricking little bulbs on the light strings to test and repair at my sister's.  The tool has a bulb remover but I couldn't get it to work most times and it doesn't stick it back into the socket. 
Gloomy rainy day, tomorrow will be better but the last day before the cold.  So I'll take the silk poinsettias and the solar lanterns to the cemetery before it gets really cold.
We haven't exchanged gifts at Christmas for many years, but I get my two siblings some little thing anyway.  This year, I've decided they can get me something for all the food and errands that I help with.  I want the Microplane wide ribbon grater for onion and garlic (fabulous!).  I gave them the place, parking is 6 feet from their door, the price with tax, the exact name on the label, and the shop's hours.  You wanna bet she asks me to pick it up and she'll pay for it?
Have a good one!!


Barb said...

I just love the primitive look of your Christmas decorating!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

My dear friend, You have way more patience than I.
Bless your heart, as you show to be a caring, loving and very giving lady.
Absolutely love your decorating. I prefer natural rather than plastic and glitzy stuff.
Sadly here in CA anything that is real not faux, dies off too soon to really be able to enjoy it. So, we do have an artificial tree. I can remember the day I said "I will never have an artificial tree". NEVER say NEVER!
Hope you are doing better.

Take care and enjoy the day with Peace and Blessings for all,

Mary A said...

What did you do with the Santa dressed as a postman? He was fabulous! And Barbara is right! Here in CA real trees die in about 30 seconds... But my feather tree is fine!

Truus said...

Love your Christmasdecorations.
Hope your thumb will be better soon.
Have a great day
Greetings Truus from Holland

C. M. Designs said...

I always love to see your Christmas decorations. Am enjoying my Prairie Schooler Santas that I was introduced to, by you, several years ago. Everything is wonderful.
I hope your siblings make the effort to get what you'd like to have.
Have an enjoyable day.
Charlotte in Va.

Carol Sferra said...


Pam in IL said...

Your Christmas decorations are beautiful and I love the little military reminders. I hope your siblings make the effort, but if not, at least you'll be able to make sure it's the correct item. It's the same with my siblings :/

Maureen said...

I also enjoy seeing your decorative touches. So peaceful and pretty. Marly, forgive me...but when I read your gift wish my first thought was uh ohhh I see a trip to the ER in the future. Those things are sharp!Chopping garlic is one of my least favorite kitchen jobs but I wouldn't trust myself with your gizmo. I hope your relatives come through for you!

Krissy B. said...

Love everything I see here!

Deborah Hillyer said...

Hello. I just discovered your blog. Could you tell me the designer for the 4 Santas shown at the top your blog page? Do you usually include the design of the Santas shown on your blog? I didn't see that information. Thank you for your help,

diamondc said...

Marly: Your Santa are sop sweet.
I love the little Soldier what a wonderful fun idea to add him to your display.
Your outdoor display is beautiful.
I have one of the graters but under a different name, I bought it from a home party, I love it.

Merry Christmas Dear Friend.


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