Dec 19, 2017

The colors of Ellen Ford

I've received several emails regarding colors of Ellen and the DMC equivalents to the Gentle Arts Simply Wool.  Here ya go.  From what I found online, these are the DMCs...

Harvest Basket is 612
Grecian Gold is 733
Forest Glade is 937
Dried Thyme is 3051

Two I could not find and just went by the photos
Chocolate - I chose 3021
Driftwood - I'm using either 640 or 3032

Since I had Dried Thyme from another project I am using it.  The GAST Buckeye Scarlet, I ordered because it is the main pop of this piece and simply gorgeous.  An equivalent was hard to find because most of DMC reds are cool (pink or blue) based and the GAST looks warm (yellow or orange).  The closest DMC I found in my Stitcher's Color Guide of actual (but old) samples is 817, it's a little lighter but the same tones.   I thought it would be 304 but that was way off, much too pink.
That's all I got!  I hope this helps.  They are what I found and am using but doesn't mean they are the only options. 
I came from therapy with a pounding headache and neck strain.  He really hurt me today and I feel it to the top of my head.  No pain, no gain.  But I am concerned with my neck problem and the reaction to this therapy.  I can't take Advil any more because of the switch to Eliquis and Tylenol does nothing for me.
As for my nephew's rip-off, he paid cash.  No recourse.  I found the owner's name which is common and there are several in this area.  I am letting it go mainly because there is nothing I can do.  They already have a bad rating (not members of the BBB either) and don't even care that people posted on the shop's Facebook page about receiving wrong items and not being allowed to return.  Maybe this guy is a real a-hole and will make me even more angry, so let it go, even though $56 is a lot to lose.
In a few days, they will be getting longer!  Good news!  Can't wait until spring.
Enjoy your day!
Thanks for visiting.


C M Designs said...

I'm looking forward to Spring too........these days of 60 degrees are spoiling me.
Charlotte in Va.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I, too, look forward to the longer days and the hope of spring!
I just had an issue with a seller. Someone well known. I had ordered 2 patterns totaling $46, a lot of $$ for me. She was paid on Oct. 28 and I just got a couple excuses. Twice I asked for a refund and she did not refund until PayPal got involved and then it was resolved in two days. When I sent her a message saying I was disappointed and that I hoped she treated other customers better than me, I got a return message full of vulgarities. No matter how much I'd like a pattern or two from her, it will not happen!
Off my soapbox now :)

village folk art said...

The Buckeye Scarlet is beautiful, and my favorite.
Yes, Spring is wonderful, but then I like looking forward to the changing seasons.
Sad experience for Lauren and seller's customer relations.
Had some minor eye procedures done to my eye lids today. Am feeling tired. Will be getting eyelids lifted 1/18/2018, to improve my peripheral vision which is somewhat impaired, but then so are many other body parts these days.

So for now, MERRY CHRISTMAS my friends,
from our family to yours,

Barb, Chuck and Sandy

Barbara said...

Love Buckeye Scarlett but that really ticks me off about the $56.

Margaret said...

Gorgeous color! I had to laugh about the finger cots. I have a bunch I got from Amazon -- I was using them to apply Mia's cream to her ear. Might be doing it again soon.

Theresa said...

Colors are lovely. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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