Dec 17, 2017

Out damned spot

Hello people.  How was the weekend?  Next week at this time, Christmas Eve!  As we say every year - already???  Yes.  And my sister is driving me nuts about gifts.  I have to search online, find best price, order, find in store, or pick up in store.  I hope tomorrow is the last day of this.
After much deliberation with an old lady who can't make a decision, and kept leaving the room to open a door for air, then going for another chocolate covered pretzel, searching for her water bottle, making bathroom trips (quickly!), letting cats in and out, and then finally pulling out all the linen in the 35/40 count drawer, I decided on the newest piece of 40 count.  That lady can sometimes be a royal pain in the ass.
The 40 count piece is WDW in Beige and so much thinner and softer than other colors I have.  Way too wimpy for me but I did not want to send it back for another try.  I used Mary Ellen's Best Press about five times to give it more body. 

This evening I thought I would have some time to get back to it and when I opened the Magma, I noticed a black spot half way down that was not there before.  I have no idea what it is.  The flower will be in that spot so I'm hoping it will cover it, if not, it's close enough to it to not be noticed. 
This Buckeye Scarlet GAST is fabulous.  What a glorious red!  I did buy a skein of the red wool to use for either the lions or the house but that won't work on 40 count.  I had a lower count piece but didn't want the sampler too large, and I'm still having issues with two threads on 32 count being heavy, and one being not enough.
Monday is a day filled with many stops and stores to visit, hoping to accomplish my goal.  Mark will drive since I can't turn my head without pulling my shoulder, and drop me off at the door which will save time.
I hope your week gets off to a good start.
Thanks for visiting!


Barb said...

Have a good shopping day tomorrow. You are brave for using 40 count. I know what you mean about 32. I am thinking of trying some 36.

Truus said...

Hope your shoulder will be better very soon and wish you luck with the shoppings you have to do.
Looks a lovely red to me -what is the number of this color?
Have a great day
Greetings Truus from Holland

C. M. Designs said...

Hoping that you'll have a peaceful week before Christmas.
Take care of your shoulder and enjoy stitching that beautiful sampler.
Tree/trees are up here, cookies ready as I'll ever be for the big day.
Merry Christmas !
Charlotte in Va.

angie sneed said...

That Buckeye Scarlet is to die for!

kelley said...

you are a saint with your sister...a true saint...this new sampler is so gorgeous...wishing you a good week!

Vickie said...

OH MY!!!!!! That is the cutest picture of Bud EVER!

debbie haggard said...

as a Michigander at heart, and therefore, by law, NEVER a fan of Ohio State,,, I have to agree that Buckeye Scarlett is THE BEST red ever! it is my go-to red when I want a 'real' red-red. hope the sister chores get finished quickly so you have time to enjoy the holiday time!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your sister sure has you trained well and definitely takes advantage of you. As Kelley said, you are a saint!
I just love Melinda's samplers. I'm sure yours will be just beautiful.
Hard to believe it will be Christmas day in just a week.

Vera said...

Ellen Ford is beautiful!

Theresa said...

Ohhh pretty sampler and I love the fabric. Kitty is gorgeous too!

Debbie said...

OH!! Our kitties could be siblings!! My tuxedo cat is like of the front paws white, white bib. My Zipper boy has a bit more white on his face. Merry Christmas!

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