Dec 15, 2017

Thumbs up!

Julia emailed to tell me about a solution to my thumb issue. 

Unbeknownst to me, there are finger covers for quilters called Quilter's Tips.  That brand is flexible plastic and one size for all.  The are meant to allow for a better hold on fabric and small pieces.
Another is Finger Cots sold in S, M, and L.  On searching, I found that these latex tips are available in 144 count boxes for cheap (medical category).  They do look like mini condoms, no?
I thought this may be the answer but with no where to purchase locally and not wanting to wait for shipment, I pulled out the box of latex gloves.  I use them for hair and linen dyeing, painting, detergent waters, and now ... stitching!  And from now on, a full finger or open ended piece will be keeping bandaids on whenever I have a cut.  Perfect.
The thumb was not snug so I cut off a smaller finger and it hasn't moved a bit.  It's not that my finger's soreness will be any better when stitching but I don't have to be concerned that the needle will enter the split, or be caught in a bandaid.  The ointment and covering are secure and the latex not only protects but gives me a good grab on the needle.  Thank you so much Julia!!  I may use this even after healing.
Since I thought today was Saturday, and it wasn't, I get to have two Saturdays.  Big deal.  My big outing was riding along when Mark drove Carole to her Christmas party and getting a pizza on the way home.  Can't even drive with this shoulder/arm. 
Have a good weekend!


village folk art said...

Oh Marly, sounds like a perfect solution for your fingers. Just hopin' you are not allergic to latex. My eldest son is and what a mess when he breaks out. Fortunately, he avoids latex at all expenses. Hope the pizza was good. One of my favorite foods. Just keep safe my friend and enjoy the weekend...and a "Hello" too,

Peace and Blessings, Barb

Unknown said...

Well done!

Amanda said...

Looking at those gloves reminds me of a trick a co-worker taught me when we were working at a nature center near the Lake Michigan Shore. Our hands could be painfully cracked in the winter because we were in the cold so much and got them wet so often. She'd get latex gloves a size bigger than we needed and got hand cream at the farmer's co-op, really heavy-duty stuff. Put that on at night, put on the gloves, and go to bed. The gloves really seemed to make the hand cream work a lot better.

C M Designs said...

So glad you shared this idea. Many may need it in the future.
You have two handsome boy kitties. Wish they were the cuddling kind.
Have a great Saturday and Sunday and week ahead.
Charlotte in Va.

Sweet Sue said...

back in the day when the only option for developing camera pictures was to take our film to the local print center, those finger cots were used by the printers, so as to keep fingerprints off the final prints. i have some here, and yes, they're wonderful for keeping band aids dry and secure. sending heartfelt wishes for your wellness marly.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I love being retired. Every day can be Saturday if I choose :)
Hope the finger condoms help.

Pam in IL said...

Yep, my daughters call them finger condoms too. We buy them locally near the bandaids. Hubby carries a supply in his work vehicle. Handy things to have around. Hope this week before Christmas is a good one!

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