Jan 11, 2018

A taste of spring

for a day and a half until the ice comes Friday.  All the greens from Christmas are arranged in the woods to provide shelter for the birds and the decorations are back in the attic.  Even the newest little tree that I bought two days ago.  I'm not crazy about the shine of the needles but a Krylon matte spray solves that.  Half price and a sweet little 2' perfect for a bathroom.  Do I put trees in the bathroom?  Not really, but it was the only reason I could think of to justify another tree so next year, bathroom tree.
I was debating whether to choose a Santa or a sampler for the next stitch.  The Boyd Santas need some planning for colors and linen choice, not ready for that attention to detail.  I would prefer they all be on the same higher count linen and except for raw 28 and 30 count, I have nothing large enough for them all.  So I decided on the last sampler chart I purchased, small and easy.  From JBW designs, Miss Mary's Sampler 1796.  As soon as I find it, I will pull the threads.
We cleaned and rearranged the garage, put the brats' condos in a confined area with a heater, they are happy.  Being good during the cold spell lasted just until a break in the weather.  They couldn't wait to get back in the garage.  Not having someone scream NO every ten minutes may have been an incentive.
Have a great weekend!  Stay safe.
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Rugs and Pugs said...

A tree in the bathroom makes perfect sense to me :)
The break in weather was wonderful. It got rid of all our snow and ice.

C M Designs said...

It's in the 60s here this morning. Then we're going to have a 50 degree drop in temperature for late Sat. Nutty kind of weather.
Love your little tree.
I can't seem to get started on my stitching. I've thought hearts, Santas, sampler, Halloween.........all I can do is get involved in Hallmark movies in the afternoon.
Took a walk around my yard yesterday. Everything looks so Blah !
Have a great weekend.
Charlotte in Va.

Annmarie said...

Love your tree....perfect for a small spot and such a great base. You find the BEST treasures.

Maureen said...

So next Christmas when you pull little tree out and say, "now what did I get this for???" we will remind you,"put it in the bathroom Marly!!" where I think it will look very sweet.
Very clever with the matte spray tip. Putting that one in the vault :)

Cheryl R said...

I have a tiny tree on the shelf in bathroom..makes perfect sense to me.
I've got all my fabric ready for the new quilt wall hanging..my stitching will be in between.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
The tree is just perfect for a bathroom and I love the base it is in!!! Great find!!
Love your new sampler and the colors are so lovely together!!!
Stay warm and safe!!!
Heart Hugs~

Vera said...

60 and raining here...we plunge back to the cold, cold, cold temps tomorrow.

I love the idea of a little tree in the bathroom! Wish I had space for one.

Heritage Hall said...

Adorable tree and what better place for it, judging the time often spent there.....
Love the new sampler...colors are so "Marly". Weather here is up and down and would
almost guess it is being manipulated...from 60 down to 18 one day...changeable- unhealthy....Presently all covered in ice....can Spring be far behind?

Unknown said...

Love your little tree. I'd put it in my bedroom and my husband would think me nuts. He should know by now.

Barb said...

A tree in the bathroom sounds like a good plan to me. That new sampler looks like a wonderful choice.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

A tree in the bathroom is a great idea!!

diamondc said...

Hi Marly: I like the new design you are going to stitch, it is a beauty.
I have a small tree in all three bathrooms, I love seeing them when I well you know go in there to ummm put on my lipstitck, giggles.
It is back to below zero today brrrr.


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