Jan 7, 2018

Decision time

Weekend.  And already two weeks past Christmas.  Come on spring!

I am at the point now where I need to decide if I should follow the chart, or move the big Hershey kiss (or crown) to be centered.  Either way, the large floral motif will not be.  So I guess the question is whether I am willing to remove the stem/leaves and stitch again.  Only the right side outline of the vase needs removed, a row or two added, and then outlined again.  Not a big deal, the flower can be added to, so the stem removal would be the main pain in the ass.  Is it really worth it just because I have a quirk about symmetry?  This sampler is wonderful, a reproduction, and certainly not meant to be perfectly aligned.  On 40 count it is only 6 1/4" high and I am leaning toward a red wool bag instead of frame. 
I'm still not happy with the bright red in the center of the house but after numerous attempts at removal and restitching, I just couldn't get a better blending.  I have a plan to resolve this but won't tell you until it's over.  No sense ruining your dinner.
I just love this piece.  My slump is still lingering and I was not really excited about this until it started to come together. And now I can't wait to see it hanging.  Ellen Ford is by Merry Wind Farm.
Lots of nearby shooting (muzzle loader season) and only two of our gang of five showed last night.  We'll keep an eye out hoping the others show today.  This little boy comes by himself during the day and has the sweetest little fat head.
It's a smidge warmer today and Missy is getting antsy, does not want to stay in the house.  Nitzy is out right now and probably won't come back until this evening, but last night, he and his dad were snoozing.
You know the luck I've had with laptops and printers.  My last recent printer was an HP6830 which I found out had a known issue yet HP continued selling, did not offer extended warranty or advise customers.  So once again, the printer has failed and is not repairable, I have $95 of new ink cartridges and they do not offer another model printer that uses this same ink.  Goodbye HP, third time this happened.  Never again.  Your products have been junk and your service to loyal customers is inexcusable.
Yesterday we made a new soup from Taste of Home.  Pretty good, but much better with a squirt of ketchup.  Just a little at a time until it was perfect.  Also added some barley and a few potatoes. 
Mark's grandmother always added some to her beef based soups and I tried it with mine, also this one with chicken broth, and I really like the results.  Better than adding more tomatoes or sauce. 

BTW - TRE is The Retail Equation, a company hired by retailers to follow your returns and exchanges.  There is so much theft costing businesses a fortune (passed on to the honest) and much of this is stolen items being returned for credit or cash.  Too many returns, even with receipts, sends a red flag of possible fraud and they stop you from returning for six months.  Mine was without warning, and I ALWAYS had a receipt and returned promptly.  I doubt Amazon uses this, but the major retailers do and online sales are also included.  Since I need to order specialty sizes, the majority of my purchases were JCP online, how could they think those returns should be included?  I can't steal something sent to my home!!  They say it's only a small percentage of customers affected but sales associates have said that many of their regular customers have been targeted.   The retailer is not in control, TRE makes the decision and handles any appeals.
Have a good one!
Thanks for visiting.


Barbara said...

Ellen is coming along great and I agree about the red. Can't wait to see what you do. Isn't it amazing what a squirt of ketchup will achieve? I always have a full bottle in the pantry.
Keep warm!

Vickie said...

Love that picture of the boys.

Ginny said...

Sorry to hear about your printer. We had a Canon that was trouble from day 1. You get what you pay for. We replaced it with a Brother not too long ago and are thrilled. I suggest you go to pcmag.com and read their article on the best printers for 2018.

Barb said...

I am loving that wonderful sampler. I like symmetry too but then that little girl did not care. It's kind of a hard decision.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I realize you are working on 40 count, but I had no idea Ellen Ford was so tiny!!!
Great picture of the brats.
So happy that our temps are rising a bit :)

Karen said...

Great picture of the boy cats!

C M Designs said...

Nitzy and Bud are almost in the shape of a heart. I hope Nitzy will be more choosy about what he eats on the outside from now on.
I hope all of your herd will show up soon. The boy is precious.
We're on our umpteenth printer. Don't know what happens to them. Right now there is an HP Office Jet Pro 8720 sitting behind me. Don't know how long it will last. Our Pippa loves to catch the paper coming out. She will run to the sound whenever the printer is running.
Have a good week. Can't believe we're starting the second week of Jan. already.
Charlotte in Va.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
This sampler is so pretty with the red and perhaps if you finish it first, you may just love it as it is!! I think it is just wonderful!!! The kitties are so sweet together and I thought they same thing about them looking almost like a heart!!! Hope you can find the right printer!
Hope you have a good week!!
Heart Hugs~

debbie haggard said...

I vote to leave as is. as a reproduction the idea is to duplicate; including all imperfections. the intent of a sampler was to learn and practice, and not to be perfect. I am still totally loving the Buckeye Scarlett - very striking with the gold.

Carol said...

Your sampler is coming along great, Marly, and I really don't think the lack of symmetry would bother you as much if you do finish it as a bag...

We said goodbye to our HP late last year and bought a brother. So far, so good although I don't think the color printing is as rich. But, the ink lasts a long time in these and is MUCH cheaper so we are happy.

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