Jan 5, 2018

Bottoms up

Hi.  Everyone staying warm?  We're pretty frigid here but warming next week.  The brats don't mind being house bound at all, especially since the old furniture has moved into their room.
Nitzy is eating and seems to be back to normal, ornery as usual.  Cracks me up how the boys sleep.  See that tooth?  Penetrates flesh easily, but those razor claws are worse.
The new needle is fine except for one issue.  The tip is so blunt that I have difficulty lifting the back of stitches to run the tail.  I had a needle that was so sharp it would split the linen's threads, this is opposite.  Whether the DMC needle is from decades ago or recently, I don't know. 
I have always stitched left to right, top to bottom. Because of the symmetry question, I decided to work the perfectly centered bottom first to see if I want to move anything.  I don't think I will.  Even though I've had some problems on 40 count I am glad I used it.  This is a good size for a pouch but I may actually frame this one.  I plan to remove the wrong way stitches in the left kiss and do them properly. 

Another removal plan is the center of the house.  The variations in the red floss have no depth and I do not like the blob of bright.  Several skeins are being searched for a darker thread, haven't found it yet. The two skeins of GAST ordered have little variation.  That area was stitched last and remaining threads all seem this bright.  
Is it my tension that is still causing linen to show though?  I did not think it would happen on 40 count but it is.
Ate the last of the chestnuts.  They were outstanding this year from one store.  More addictive than chocolate!  Many locals would sell them from their own trees, smaller but sweeter than the imported.  As the elders pass away, we miss many traditions and specialties that others do not have interest in continuing.  Our local ethnic shops have all closed and were a treat for everyone to learn and try other foods and traditions.  We learned this morning that our KMart is closing.  The parking lot was always full and I am surprised at the news.  What's left here?  Walmart, JCP, a small Kohls and dollar stores, most junky.  It's getting to the point that even necessary items will need to be ordered, waited for, and shipping costs will eventually prohibit all but a large order from being reasonable in cost.  But with TRE monitoring even online returns, how long will it be before the ordered clothing that doesn't fit and other items that are not what we expected, not allowed to be returned?  Then what?  Because of purchasing (and returning) for most family members, I was cut off from returning at JCP, but that was lifted after I wrote to TRE and explained this.  Even with receipts, even online purchases, your returns are being monitored because of all the thieves that feel they are entitled to take from others.
Hope you are all safe and warm.
Thanks for visiting.


BarbCarol said...

I hate to say it, but I would remove the center of the house, too. Makes me want to overdye all the threads before using...haven't gone that far yet. Stay warm and keep stitching.

Robin in Virginia said...

The brats look very cozy. You are making good progress on your stitch. Enjoy your weekend!

Charlotte in Virginia said...

We lost our Kmart years ago. Bed Bath and Beyond is gone. Most all of our good restaurants have moved to another part of town. They've put a trampoline place in where our Kmart was and a go-cart place in our Mall. Everyone seems to be going up on prices....Marshall's, Target, Burlington, Ross, etc.
Your fur babies sure do have the life. I see that tooth and hope it never breaks your skin again. Our Sheldon bit right through a Fancy Feast box. My daughter was playing with him with it.
Your sampler is very pretty. I wouldn't know what kind of advice to give you.....
Have a cozy weekend.

Carol said...

I am counting the hours til the great warm-up of 2018 :) I had to go out this morning and walk 1/4 of a mile to my hairdresser in -1 weather--thought my face would fall off! Glad you are providing the kitties with some warmth and TLC during this cold spell, Marly!

Sorry about the continuing loss of your stores--we are losing our Sears, but have so many other options here in the suburbs. Actually, I rarely shop in stores--do most of mine online these days :)

Enjoy your weekend, Marly!

Barb said...

I can't help but wonder if online shopping will eventually do away with many stores. the only mall on the West side of Puget sound is full of empty spaces. I like online shopping but it does have inconveniences! Like the ones you mentioned. I do love the new sampler you are stitching. DMC 3777 is my go to red color. But I always want red to be more of a barn red than bright or purplish.

Penny said...

You take such good care of your little furry residents. They do look quite cozy. : ) Love the colors in the sampler you are working on! There are a lot of empty spaces in the malls around here and in the strip malls, too. But that doesn't seem to stop them from building more. Not sure how they think the new stores will survive any better. It seems like I do quite a bit of shopping online but it is difficult to buy clothes that way and then a pain to return them. It does look like it might warm up a little next week -- maybe not to the temperatures I would like but better than our recent weather.

Krissy B. said...

So glad Nitzy is better. I was so sad for him and you. Do you think someone did this to him or did he get into something he shouldn't have. I really have a hard time when animals struggle. The deer (and everything else) here (and everywhere) have been going through hell with this weather. We don't have deep enough snow for them to tuck in. The other night I brought another big pail of food out and they didn't even run away. Mark puts a lot out for them but I guess I just needed to do it hoping it would make me feel a tiny bit better. I look forward to spending 2018 with you. I can't wait to see what you stitch. Hugs to you, Mark, and the kitties.

Rugs and Pugs said...

The brats are lucky to have you!
I love your sampler!!! I'm sure Melinda will be thrilled you are stitching it.
We are supposed to get to 52* on Thursday. I'm sure there will be people in shorts.
Hugs :)

Margaret said...

Glad Nitzy is back to normal. Lucky cats! Can't wait for the warmup! (You've probably mentioned it before, but what's TRE???)

moosecraft said...

We had -4 degrees last night...and it was the first time ever I agreed it was best we stayed home all weekend! lol! Glad the brats are all safe in your warm home...they do not realize how lucky they are. I'm another one that does not know who the TRE is... I should, since I shop mostly online...especially for clothes and shoes...and since manufacturer's can't seem to get any consistency in their sizes...returns are always happening. We (USA) really do need to raise the bar with our quality standards...and quit stocking store shelves with inferior junk...

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