Jan 28, 2018


Wow.  The top shelf had large cardboard boxes filled with smaller ones used for shipping.  But one sent my shoulder into a surprise fit when sliding it off the shelf.  It was heavy.  Unexpected heavy.  As I groaned it to the floor, I see this label.
Oh my.  What do we have here?  Yards and yards of the Heir-Loom Weavers fabric that I saved for curtains/valances. 
When I first saw Pat Gaddy's PictureTrail of her home, she had valances hung as I did but with a beautifully woven fabric.  She wrote about them and gave the source, I immediately ordered enough fabric for the entire house, plain weave and also patterned.  Unfortunately, Family Heir-Loom Weavers' business has been changed drastically and their top quality colonial style products of years past are no longer being  made.
And as life got in the way and we needed to add the bedroom for mom, the fabric was put away.  Do I still plan to use it?  Probably, but my tastes are changing from dark and dirty to light and dusty and this color is like raw/unbleached linen.  If not window coverings, bedding, shower curtains, and other items that they sold using this fabric can be made. There such is enough of it.
Hiding in a box, I found the mouse case for glasses.  Always made me smile, so I started making them, again, thinking I would sell.  Nope.  When will I learn?  So many things planned that I do not fulfill.  The one on the left is holding my readers.  I may add a label on the ear with the magnifiers' strength (I use several) and fill a basket with mice by my chair.
I also found the pile of charts from my Sampler Sack failure and they are all in the burning bin now.  No sense going through that again.
Carole is home and doing OK.  They don't know what caused the incident and she will see her regular doctor Tuesday.  I was watching the monitor and her BP went from normal to very high over very low many times during that hour.  This was not mentioned by the doctor and I had no intention of inquiring while Carole was present.  I am assuming this is expected with heart failure or a weak heart.
Hope your week starts with sunshine and smiles.
And chocolate.
Thanks for visiting.


diamondc said...

Hi Marly: I am sad to hear about Carole, I hope they find out what is causing this problem.
Love the mice they are so cute.
That fabric is amazing I see lots of wonderful things with it being done up.


Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
Happy Carole is home and hope her Dr. can find out what caused the problem!!
Those mice are darling and such a fun way to hold your readers!!
What a great find!!! We used to sell FHW at the shop where I worked and I have some pieces that I just love!! You can sure do a lot with all that yummy fabric!!! Wish I could find a box like that!!! Hope your shoulder is better, too!!
Have a good week!
Heart Hugs~

Edna D said...

Good news about Carole. I miss the old Family Heirloom Weavers. I only purchased one coverlet from them years ago but I still miss it.

If the weave count is a loose as it appears in the photos you could perhaps sell it to people who restore vintage stereo speakers from the 1960's. My husband belongs to a site and 123 Stitch has been mentioned as a source for the cover cloth but it is not exactly what is needed from what I understand.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Happy to hear that Carole is home and doing better. You are such a great sister, singed hair and all. Only you would think to use Febreze!
Hugs :)

Frances N said...

I'm sure you will think of something really good to do with your fabric. You certainly are creative enough to think of a good idea.
Those little mice are too cute!
I hope Carole's doctor will get to the bottom of her problems this week.

Elizabeth Guadagnini said...

Hi Marly, I love the mice! Would you be able to share the pattern?
I can't tell you how many projects I have bought the supplies for & never started, or how many projects I started & didn't finish! Pitiful lol

kathiquilts said...

What a treasure that box is! Only recently found out that FHW is no longer producing their gorgeous coverlets. Wgat I wouldn't give to have that box at my house!

Dirty Martini Queen said...

Such treasures hiding away in a closet. I hate that FHW has gone out of business and was lucky enough to find enough blankets for all my beds before it happened. Not sure what I'll do when these wear out.
Happy Carole's home again and sure hope the dr can figure out what's going on.

C M Designs said...

Sorry to hear that Carole has had problems again. Am happy that she is home and will be okay. I hope the problem can be solved with no further incidents.
Please be careful with your "burn bin" and your hair.
As time goes on, I have so many little spurts of interest in sewing...making dolls, etc. The "spurts" don't last long. If only I was 20 years younger then maybe ?
Love your little mice. I use #3 readers just for stitching...after my cataract surgery. No other glasses as of now.
Take care !
Charlotte in Va.

Pam in IL said...

Oh the things we find in our closets. The mice glasses cases are so cute. I'm happy to hear Carole is home and praying that her follow up goes well.

Margaret said...

I see that you are like me with the good intentions and storing things away and then finding them again. It's fun when you find something you really love, but not so fun when it's something that you'd rather not find. lol! Your last blog post cracked me up. You are so good at story telling. I hope your hair is all better. And I do hope Carole is doing better too now that she's home.

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