Feb 1, 2018

Bye bye January

Hello folks.  We made it to February, getting closer to spring.  Do you have cabin fever?  Winter doldrums?  Or are you a crabass like me and always in a snit? 

We went out today to investigate house products before the bitter cold returns, and that wind felt like (my mother's description of me) "in one ear and out the other".  The contractor called and instructed us to order the windows.  He's actually coming!  We have conflicting descriptions from several dealers of the exterior finish on the Andersen A series so we are ordering Marvin, which clearly states that information.  We also found extremely heavy/strong vinyl 2'x4' panels that are cast to mimic stone and brick.  Cool beans baby. 
I received a gift in the mail today, a chart I previously stitched.  Perfect size for a cabinet knob or basket handle gimcrack.  Yep.  Gimcrack.  Similar to a gewgaw.  Definition of both is "a showy, useless trifle".   It's not too showy, not a bauble, but I like the goofy words I found when searching for ornament synonyms.  So I'm doing it again, this time on 35 count with one thread.  I changed the bottom on this first one because I saw the queen stitch and bolted as usual.  This time I will do the specialty stitches in the border and MAY consider the queen.  If you're a betting person, don't put too much down. 

Got my hair cut to blend with the burned areas, a little too short and skimpy on the bottom.  But really, who cares?  It grows back.  She showed me a product that is new to me and a real gem for those with thinning crowns or spots.  It's available at Sally Beauty and many other places online, called Toppik, and another product at Sally - Ion Hair building fibers.  She lifted my hair and sprinkled a very small amount on my thinning top and I was amazed at how it covered my roots and scalp.  I plan to buy the Toppik in gray for Carole and found several sites with a decent price.  If you're interested, this is the link, https://gettoppik.com/how-to-use and you can visit Sally for the ION brand.  She said application should be in sections and very light, takes a little practice.
Still disposing of supplies that can't be donated for various reasons.  Many places here will not take items unless they are new, especially the day care centers which I thought could use my acrylic paints and TONS of card stock.  Nope.  I guess I will store this for a while longer.
Also came across hand made paper with leaves and stems, others with metallic threads on paper with matching envelopes.  Lots of linen paper sets.  Years ago I made a lot of cards and stationary, very simple, because the paper was the star.  The card stock was used for a presentation of Carole's angel pins with a printed verse.  Amazing how much I have that was forgotten.
I found the pattern for the only two face painted dolls I ever made and the only teddy too.  He is such a sweetheart and I will save this one.  I did not plan to sew his clothing so discarded that part.  My little guy is naked.
We have a very sick 4 year old at the hospital again tonight, hoping there are answers and help.  Not only the flu, but terrible stomach pains too.  Carole is scheduled for another stress test, they feel her symptoms are a sign of cardiac something or other, just not sure what.
Hope your weekend goes well!
Thanks for visiting.


C M Designs said...

Hello and yes to all of the descriptions in your first paragraph. So sick of the cold weather....
I hope Carole's symptoms are nothing serious.
I can't believe how thin my hair is now. I do a "comb over" thing with my bangs to help cover the thinning part. Have a wonderful guy who cuts my hair. I hope he never leaves the salon.
Happy "woodchuck" day !
Charlotte in Va.

Robin in Virginia said...

Oh Marly, the Sampler chart is fabulous. I look forward to seeing yours stitched up on the 35 count linen. Happy Groundhog Day and have a super weekend!

Barb said...

I'm with you , I see queen stitch and run. Even with youtube, I can't get it to look right. I have a sampler I really want to stitch and it has lots of queen stitches so it sits in the drawer!!

Barbara said...

I don't blame you for running to the hills instead of doing Queen stitches. Hate those suckers. Can't believe that everything has to be "brand new" in order to donate it. Stupid!

Margaret said...

Good luck with the renovation work at your house. Lots of good thoughts and prayers for eveyone's health too.

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