Jan 3, 2018


Another quirk of mine.  I love reproductions but I find myself fussing over symmetry, rare in a repro.  Ellen is not off much, just a little off center, but it bugs me.  So I decided to work the bottom house which is centered, and then work the motifs above by moving a stitch or two, just to make an old girl happy.  Well.... less crabby.  I should have paid attention to the layout and could then have easily moved the center vase over and all would be well.  It's such a sweet piece that maybe I will just leave Ellen's work as she intended.  Except for the Hershey Kiss  motif which I evened and, see that little crown in the top corner?  I plan to fill it in with the gold.
Really having a difficult time with the lighter thread on this linen.  I am either missing or overshooting stitches on this 40 count without a sharp contrast. 
Then my needle broke and starting a new one for some reason put a kink in my snark.  I honestly didn't know the number, assumed it was 26, but neither it nor the 28 felt right.  After going through the short and long, high and low, thick and thin, I decided to stuff my mouth with chocolate and walk away. 
I didn't remember from a long ago post, what I determined to be my favorite brand.  Today, it's a 26 DMC with its longer eye.  I don't know why I purchased 28 needles.  They aren't quite large enough to spread the linen threads for smooth floss passage, and they don't feel secure between my arthritic fingers.
Nitzy continues to improve and is such a good boy.  Bud and Missy are causing problems every night. It is too cold for them to stay in their padded condos in the garage.  Plywood and other barriers to keep them in one room with the litter has failed time after time.  Bud somehow digs his way around, escapes, and then can't get back in.  No barrier and they are on the sofa, on the tables, and roaming all night.  Day time, they stay in their beds and rarely roam.  Certainly not what this Labrador family is used to.  We've never had cats and accepting dirty feral killers has been a new experience.
Our temps are to increase this Sunday to over 32 degrees.  I think the New Year's slider fest will take place.  I plan to start a steroid pack for my bicep/shoulder and being drug sensitive, I should be full blown bitch by then.  Always fun.  I gained 5# over last week and will probably add another 5 in fluid retention too.  More fun.
I was asked about the header photo, one of the labels from my boxes.  It's the bottom part of The Yellow House sampler by Sheepish Designs.  The top part of it was a label also. 
Time for bed before I start eating again.  That box of melt-aways really started a carb crave and I need to stop it before it goes any further. 
Hope you're staying warm.
Thanks for visiting.


Frances said...

I have some 40 count that I want to stitch on...I pulled it out and decided to wait on that! I'm not sure I can see it well enough to stitch. Maybe I'll get something really small done on it! Yours certainly looks pretty and I like the colors!
Cats in the house can be a pain! Ha Omar does what he wants, when he wants. I've just become immune to his actions! Glad Nitzy continues to improve!
It was 18 degrees here in MS yesterday! Unheard of!!! And we get ice-bad news!

C M Designs said...

Good morning......it's 1 degree here in my town. Haven't been out for anything since Christmas.
Made pumpkin bread and choc. chip cookies.........friends bringing Chinese food tonight. After tonight, I HAVE to be good.
Your new sampler colors are regal. Very pretty.
So glad that Nitzy is continuing to improve. Our two babies sleep most of the day. Don't know what they do at night.
Stay warm and hope you'll be feeling better very soon.
Charlotte in Va.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Nitzy is improving. Sounds like a full time job keeping the cats rounded up! Love the bright, cheery colors on the sampler. Just the ticket on these cold, dreary days. Have been working away on a large sampler but want something small to stitch. I love big projects but sometimes you need something small, bright and cheery in the workbasket. Wishing you a wonderful day! Kelley Secrest

Robin in Virginia said...

I think you have made good progress on Ellen. I have been using 26 needles of late. Happy to hear that Nitzy is improving!

Mary said...

I know how you feel, I have been using the same needle for years, I mean the same not same type. It is even a bit bent, but comfortable. I also have a tin full of new needles I should perhaps break one it. I have the record of never misplacing a needle but I did drop it once and could not locate it so tried another needle I was very angry. The next day I decided to vacuum under radiator and found it , happy at last! We are expecting 8-12 inches of snow here in RI...but then our forecasters do tend to hype storms a lot so we will see. Stay warm.

Carol said...

I'm like you, Marly--really enjoy my symmetry :) Your new sampler is looking great and I share your questions about needle size. Are they making them differently or am I just ordering the wrong size. The last few have had such wee little eyes that I could barely get in my one piece of thread! I think I need to do some research.

Thank goodness we are going to have a heat weave on Sunday--ha ha! I never remember a longer frozen spell. I haven't left the house since Christmas and I wouldn't until Sunday if I didn't need to go to the hairdresser on Friday to fix my "skunk stripe!"

Have fun at the slider party--sounds delicious :)

deb said...

I'm right with you on the symmetry - I find it very ... soothing. This penchant is one reason the first samplers I stitched were *not* reproductions.

I have trouble finding needles I like too, and think that it isn't just the eye that has changed over the years (still hoarding my old DMC needles from 25 years ago!). I was having trouble doing satin stitch a couple of weeks ago and lined up three of the needles I'd been using on Jane Turner. They're all 26s - that much I do know - but one of them had a narrower, though still blunt, point than the other two. I applaud you for working Ellen on 40 count fabric, and such a sheer one, too!

(Aren't they called meltaways because they seem to melt into thin air? I swear that's what happens to mine, they disappear so fast)

CathieJ said...

I too strive for symmetry and projects that are off really bother me. I think it is the mathematician in me. I really like that project.

Barb said...

You are brave to be stitching on 40 count. I can't imagine my eyes would be any good for that. Your new piece is pretty in spite of its frustrations!

Mary A said...

So glad Nitzy is continuing to improve. Could it have been a poisoned rodent? For that reason, I don't use rodenticides and the fact that I don't want to cause harm to owls and other predatory birds.
Love you header. Use the steroids if it will keep you off the operating table. Hunker down in this cold. In California, where I live, I have been running around in a tee shirt and feeling guilty about it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on your header, Marly. Your sampler is looking good! There must be a word for those of us that have to have symmetry!

diamondc said...

Marly: I love chocolate, my new love is Hershey's kiss's that have a chocolate covered cherry liquid inside, oh so yummy.
Love the sampler, I have done the same moved a motif or two to get the thing to look better after I was off a stitch or two.
So good to hear Nitzy is doing better.
Brr its only 2 above right now.


lizzietish said...

I can't believe that I didn't find your blog ages ago. I love the sampler, and just about all of your work! Negative 7 degres at 7am today, but the forecast is for 50's next week. Yay!

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