Feb 6, 2018

A few things

Hiya.  Not much going on here other than doctors and very sick family.  Chris is very sick again (and refuses to miss work), his son Matt also (not at work and can't afford that), and little boy Matt is recovering.  I hope Carole doesn't catch it, haven't talked to her yet this morning.

The new doctor, an orthopedic, diagnosed my arm problems.  The bicep tendon is the culprit, extremely inflamed with possible tear, and the swelling is causing the impingement of the shoulder (not impingement from injury which is the therapy I received - no wonder it made the bicep pain worse).  Received injections to calm it and will return in 3 weeks, MRI if no improvement.  Since the shot, my entire arm including thumb is feeling weird so no stitching today either.  (Do I really care?  No.) 

But I want to share a few things I found online and also remind you to visit https://circahomeliving.blogspot.com/, click on the desktop calendar, then right click and chose Set as Background.  It's fabulous!  Too bad it will be a short month.

Also found a site https://noramurphycountryhouse.com/magazine/ that offers e-magazines (mostly of her Connecticut country home) that showcase her style of decorating.  Very light, mixed with rustic, kind of the direction I am leaning.  I especially enjoyed the issue featuring kitchens.

They are free for viewing, and you can subscribe for future issues.

Two other sites I discovered through a FB post are for framing.  Many of you have projects that are very costly to frame, and if you can mount them yourself you can order the wood cut to fit your project.  https://www.pictureframes.com/ and https://www.americanframe.com/.  There are many YouTube and video tutorials on mounting and lacing, one I liked is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGajH991q_c.
After the dentist and running errands I will probably do more browsing since I am to "take it easy" for three days.  That's all I've been doing for months! 
Have a great day folks.


Mary said...

Lets hope your family is better very soon. Going to work sick is not really a responsible thing though. I never , I mean never got a paid sick day in any of my jobs but stayed home when sick. I never wanted to get co workers or patients to get sick, just saying. I prefer my magazine in hand not the same viewing them which is too bad they had some nice photos .

Vickie said...

Marly I am so, so glad you FINALLY have your arm problems diagnosed! Let us hope this treatment works!! I finally have my neurosurgeon appt tomorrow. Thank God!

deb said...

So happy for you that you've finally gotten the problem with your arm solved/correctly diagnosed! Hope your family gets better quickly (and that Carole doesn't catch it!).

Thanks for the framing links as I have always mounted my own stitchery. And the youtube as well - she has a brilliant method of getting the design correctly centered - one of those things that's incredibly obvious *after* you see it.

Barb said...

I sure hope everyone is better soon and that no one else gets it. One year before I retired, I went back to work too soon after a bout with the flu. I ended up in the hospital for a week with pneumonia, might mention that to your family member who rushed back to work! Thanks so much for the web sites, I always (actually my DH) frame my own designs. I will be looking at all the sites you mentioned.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Thanks for all the links. I just heard about American Frame over the weekend.
Hoping your family is healthy soon and that your arm issues get resolved.
Hugs :)

Dirty Martini Queen said...

Take care of yourself Marly and avoid those sickies.

Truus said...

Hope the treatmant will do the Job and you are soon without pain.
Thanks for the links they are great.
Get well soon for your family.
Have a great day
Greetings Truus from Holland

C M Designs said...

So sorry that you're in pain in more ways than one. I understand about your shoulder. I hope Carole and her family won't pass their "bugs" on to you.
I enjoy the Nora Murphy site too. Pretty pictures.
Take care and just take life easy. Maybe some warm sunshine would do wonders for you.
Would for me !
Charlotte in Va.

Margaret said...

Fingers crossed your arm/shoulder heals now that you've been treated. Also that all this sickness goes away!!

Krissy B. said...

I have loved Nora Murphy's style for ever. I look through her magazines often when I need to go on a mini vacation to somewhere sunny. I can't do the look because of our very long white cold winters without much sun. I have to have some warm colors. I may try a bedroom some day...or even better, Move somewhere else. Glad your shoulder issue is now moving forward instead of backwards. I'm off to work. Hugs to you.

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