Feb 8, 2018

The trouble with 40

I took this photo to show my wonky 4-sided stitches in the first dividing band.  But when I looked at it closely, I saw that I K L M are one thread off.  How could I miss this?  For me, it's very easy on 40 count.  My 3.25 glasses broke, I can't find the 3.0, and have been using the 2.5 which are not quite strong enough.  But getting back to the wonky, I always had trouble with the very easy 4-sided stitch looking very messy.  After completing a short section, I decided to do a running stitch the entire length, then went back to do the vertical part, finally completing the row with another running stitch on the bottom.  Well that worked.  Doesn't it look neater than the first part?  This ain't your momma's 4-sided stitch, it's a counterfeit from the reckless stitcher.
So now what do I do?  Removing four letters on 40 count will be tedious.  Changing the G H would be less work but the next row is in place and will be off.  So here's the plan - stop it.  With my desire to stitch still lacking, any stumble turns into a full face plant.
Woke up Wednesday to another 6" of snow and not one of the brats had any intention of walking in it.  The day before that we only had 2", which was still too much for the Budman.
Have a great day friends.


Anonymous said...

Hi, dear. Thanks for your blog. I'm a lurker because I don't post much anywhere. I saw your pears long ago and fell in love with Budman and company and read you daily ever since. :)

I didn't notice the spacing issue you mentioned, but what I did notice was the bottom part of the "E" missing.

The pattern is too cute to abandon totally. Instead of ripping and fixing, I'd just restart it. :)

- Sue

C M Designs said...

I agree with Sue. I hate to rip out my mistakes. Same with sewing......would rather start over than rip.
I wouldn't have noticed !
Budman looks so comfy on your pretty table. Love the windows and everything else.
Your kitties sure are blessed that you care about them so much.
The snow will be gone (I hope) for you in a few days/weeks. Then on the sunshine and flowers.
Take care.
Charlotte in Va.

Sarah Marchuk said...

Looks great

Rugs and Pugs said...

I would not have noticed either!
You've gotten more snow than me, but that's ok. I am so ready for winter to be over.
Stay warm and safe,

Vera said...

I noticed the E as well, but not the one line off until you pointed it out. As for the 4-sided stitch - whatever way works for you is the way to go. The snow looks pretty out your windows.

Ginny said...

I think we stitchers sometimes worry too much about our pieces being perfect. Think back to samplers of old - they definitely weren't perfect. Mistakes just prove we are imperfect humans. Leave things as they are, and I'll try to do the same!

deb said...

Um ... with all the errors in historical marking samplers that are precisely charted so we can reproduce the charming imperfections, why not just keep going? It's pretty, and 40 count is a witch to see to stitch on (can't believe I once did a fob over one on 40, but that was years and years ago).

I would finish the "E" though.

diamondc said...

Hi Marley: I really could not see the mistake I had to study it, if it were me I would leave it, it would not bother me that much.
It is a very pretty design.
We have had very little snow, fifty miles away in Minneapolis they have had loads of snow.
Stay warm my friend.


Barb said...

Well Marly, I give you credit for stitching on 40 count at all. Even with my super magnifiers, that count gives me trouble. So far, it looks good to me!

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