Feb 11, 2018

Findings at a new location

We were hit harder than surrounding communities with snow, but many of you were much worse.  Hope it was the last big snowfall of this lousy season.
My brother has been moving things around and came across a few more items from Pat's stitching. 
The first edition of The Proper Stitch which doesn't seem to be as popular as the revision.  Pat had many books and used these stickers inside of all.  She loved anything mouse!  Elizabeth, you're no-reply, and I don't really have a pattern for the mouse eyeglass case. 
The item that I am thrilled to have is this little pincushion.  Stitched on Congress cloth over one, the colors are beautiful.  Unfortunately, like many items finished locally, a horrible job.  The edges had stiff peaks sticking out and there was so much glue!  I put it in the freezer which many times allows glue to be removed easily.  It worked for removal from the wood, but not from the fabric.  My only option was to cut away the gobs, trim to the blue stitching, and sew to a backing.

I love the shape, although odd to me for a pincushion.  There isn't enough of a rim for securing needlework, hence the half bottle of Elmer's. The bottom label is Count Your Blessings in OR which I have not been able to find, probably closed.  Looks a lot better now.  When I use glue to close a seam on my stitching, it is a tiny amount (usually applied with a toothpick) and water soluble.  I've even been able to open a seam with a firm yank.  I was using a fabric glue but switched to Aleene's Tacky and much prefer it.
And what else did I come home with?  Four of the Leisure Art Christmas books.  One has the Postman Santa and I am amazed at the amount of charts in them.  Many are the Victorian postcard santas, very similar to Boyd's, some very large.  Charts to stitch Santa on sweaters and sweatshirts, ornaments, tons of projects.  Some I really like but I know I will never stitch.  More browsing will take place this afternoon and if not being kept, I may offer them for shipping charges.  
I haven't sold on EBay in quite some time and found it is such an easy process now.  Payment and shipping all done easily, no confusion.  But once again, my mail carrier refused to take them.  I had payment envelopes along with these two large envelopes (with my flag up) and she pushed them aside to throw my mail into the box.  Our PO is closed at noon and I rely on her for pickup. I am so tired of this and of course, she is protected and can get away with not doing her job.  We had one carrier that was arrested for DUI twice, reeked of alcohol, even ran into a woman with a stroller, and he kept getting his job back after being fired four times.  Oh how I miss my prior carriers!  They were the best and I still keep in touch with the last one who retired. 
Have a great start to a new week as we inch closer to sunshine and flowers.
Thanks for visiting.


Mary said...

How sweet is that pin cushion ?

deb said...

Yikes, you got gobs of snow! We're getting a good, steady rain right now, but temps are supposed to be in the teens tonight and I'm concerned about driving to work tomorrow.

Love that pincushion - the wood base is a beautiful thing itself and the stitchery is delightful. Glad you were able to redo the finish and make it better.

Barbara said...

I love that little blue pincushion and it's a shame you had to do some work on it. I have that book The Proper Stitch around somewhere....have to look into that. I won't tell you the temps here but it's over 75. Sorry!

C M Designs said...

We've had "cats and dogs" rain. Wish we'd get a little covering of snow before it gets warmer. Balmy out today.
Love your pincushion !
Charlotte in Va.

Dirty Martini Queen said...

No snow for us but lots of rain...I'd rather have the snow!

The pincushion is just precious and happy you were able to redo it so it's shown off all her beauty. I have the leisure arts books and when I look back thru them and see how many colors they require I just shake my head because I know I'll never have the patience to stitch them.


Nupur said...

Hi Marly
So glad to see you feeling a bit better. I really like the shape of the wooden pincushion and it is good you were able to clean it up. I was wondering if the needlework could be attached as a lid? That way one could use the inside area for pins or for orts. What wonderful finds!

Vickie said...

What a beautiful pincushion. I have checked out those exact books from my library. So nice to look through. We have plenty of snow up here also.

Margaret said...

You are so brave with your tackling that pincushion to make it a better finish. Yikes! I'd be terrified to touch it!

Vera said...

Beautiful pincushion. I have both versions of The Proper Stitch, but haven't really used it...not sure why I have them still, except I love her designs.

Barb said...

You did a great job with that little pin cushion. Not sure what the post office is up to. We used to get our mail mid afternoon, now at times it comes at 7 or 8 at night. Wonder if we are paying those folks overtime???!!! I share your frustration!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Beautiful job on the pin cushion!!!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

At my local post office, I cannot send even a padded envelope without being asked if there is anything in the package that is flammable. Perhaps your mail carrier cannot take your packages without being able to ask you for this information. A call to the post office will explain what's up. Hope this helps.

Maggee said...

You did a great job on the pincushion makeover! Just ticks me off about the mail people in your area! Not like that here, but I live in a city. I may give Ebay another try... got some stash to de-stash! Hugs!

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