Feb 13, 2018

A bag of rice ...

a little sewing, and a new neck warmer is born.  I used all cotton fabric for the inside bag, added less than 1 1/2 cups of rice in each of the four sections, and made a removable cover for washing.  Following my current ratty warmer, the fabric is 24" x 12", folded over and sewn with 1/2" seam on the long edge and one end.  Turned right side out, FriXion pen marked a straight line every 6 inches for seams, and cuffed it over on itself so there aren't any folds for rice to settle in.  After filling each section, I pinned as if I was quilting 1/2" from the seam mark, and sewed.  This kept the rice from moving into the seam and allowed enough room for the machine foot.
The final edge section was folded under 1/2" and sewn shut.  I used a checked linen dish towel which was two inches longer than the inside bag, seamed and trimmed to the right width, and added two handles made from the same.
I didn't want to use a heavier towel but a thin terry one works well too.  Any material used throughout must be 100% cotton, linen, or wool, no synthetics which may melt in the microwave when heating.  I need to attach and large wooden button and loop to prevent the rice bag from slipping out, or maybe just sew a few basting stitches across the center.  It's only a few inches to remove for washing and I doubt that would be frequent.  My next one will be buckwheat, assuming it would be much lighter than the rice.  Even though the rice sits heavy on my neck, that weight sometimes feels good.  I heat mine for 2 1/2 minutes on high in a small 700 watt microwave.
Mark's foot has suddenly flared up again, back in the boot, and an MRI will be scheduled.  Doc thinks surgery may be on the horizon.  As for my shoulder/bicep, one week after the injection and today it is very painful at the joint for some reason.  No change in the bicep yet, maybe this new pain means it's healing somewhat and I will soon be able to lift high enough to apply deodorant.  That would be nice for all concerned.
Hope the week is going well.
Thanks for visiting.


diamondc said...

Oh my Goodness Marly: You crack me up about the deodorant comment, you are so funny.
I love love love your neck warmers, is barley better them rice? just curious.
I hope Marks foot gets better and no surgery.


Ellen Rainie said...

I have been following your blog for ever and you rarely leave me without a reason to smile. I love how you care for those kitties. Thanks for brightening up my morning!

Kristen said...

You're so creative, Marly. I'm sorry that you and Mark don't feel well. Better days ahead!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
Love your rice bag! It is actually attractive AND functional!! Great idea!!! Your arm sounds so much like my Frozen Shoulder and I truly do feel your pain!! Heat always helped me and trying to apply deodorant and shave was next to impossible but I somehow managed! So very sorry and hope you can get some relief! Also very sorry about Mark's foot and hope he can gt help for it without the need for surgery!! Both of your take care!!
Heart Hugs~

C M Designs said...

I don't know what I'd do without my "bed buddy"/rice bag. Have three of them. They are wonderful !
I have to lift my right arm with my left arm to apply deodorant....even after rotater
cuff surgery years ago.
Sorry you and Mark are having troubles with feet and arms.
Charlotte in Va.
Happy Valentine's Day !

Carol said...

Oh, that neck warmer sounds wonderful--even if you aren't having pain. Anything to get through this cold winter. Although, it's 60 today--what's up with that? Everyone will probably get sick due to the temperature extremes!

Sure hope your shoulder and Mark's foot see some improvements soon, Marly!

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