Feb 20, 2018


is one of my favorite candies from the chocolate shop, it's what is happening to the snow, but unfortunately not to my hips.  I am so tired of following guidelines and getting no where.  Even started exercising (with one arm) and I gained two pounds.  Makes me want to stuff my face with Dove.
I still have not located my current tiny project but we've been pretty busy.  After waiting over a year to find someone that has the profile cutter for our raised panels (and then finding out the hundreds it would cost for them to set it up for only one door), we decided to wing it.  The cabinet doors and two top drawers from the old sink base were too large for the dishwasher panel.  Since we had no where else to use them, we cut them in half, glued, filled with Bondo, sanded and painted.  Voila.
We made one drawer front from two and cut the two doors to fit.  Bondo was new to us (it's for cars) but a cabinetmaker told us he uses it exclusively so we bought the smallest tube.  Does not shrink like every wood filler we have tried, sands so easily, and fills beautifully.  We finally have a dishwasher panel.  The hinges were cut down and attached and a bean style Acorn handle will go on the drawer front.  Right now we have a string applied to open in case it happens to close completely. 
The handle's beans were large and Mark ground them down somewhat, and the black paint is drying.  Tomorrow we will have it completed.  It was a real hassle for us to get it centered and lined up with the screw holes since this dishwasher moves.  It's a Bosch and having a stone countertop does not allow top clips to be screwed in, so the side clips were used.  Useless.  It can still move a little.  But it is what it is and finally finished.  All the little shaker knobs that I love (cabinet to the right) will be replaced with the shaker style on the new panel.  We've always found great wood knobs and screws here https://niceknobs.com/.
The leg/skirt on the right one with be removed and a new one made the full width to the sink.  I guess we will also need the wood stained board to cover the base.  After all this, a piece of cake!  Cake.  Yummo.  Make a pistachio 13 x 9 with the quick pistachio icing and it was light and luscious.  Just a small piece, it was taken to my sister's for her grandson's birthday.  Thank goodness.
Mark's MRI is Friday and we've been back and forth to the doc.  I bought a new wrist BP monitor from Target online (Omron 7 series #652) and it's so much lighter and easier than our old one.  This has a blue light that tells you when it is in the correct alignment with your heart for an accurate reading.  Many do not know how important that is and the older units did not have it.  Turns out that the Mr.'s BP was over 180/110.  Consistently.  Even when he doubled his BP meds.  All else is fine but even the new plan with two different meds are not working that well.  Back again!  Good thing we got the new cuff.  Much easier to use than our old one.
Hope all is well with y'all.  I plan to get back to ridding and I'm sure I will find my project.  But I really do not miss stitching at all.  So why did I rush to purchase SANQ hardcover volume 2 when I saw Melinda's huswife from it?  Who knows.
My sister is in a panic because she has been cut off from utility bill help.  She is well below the income levels and always received help with her power bill.  A letter came last week stating that she did not recertify in time even though she mailed it two weeks before it was due.  Guess who her postal carrier is?  (Has anyone read the comment left on the prior post from Penny?)  So now she is trying to rectify the situation but they don't really care and in order to get back on, she must reimburse the agency for all monies they contributed the last 10 years.  Are you kidding me?  Nope. 
I hope your week is going well.
Spring is coming.
Thanks for visiting.


Janet said...

Great job on the kitchen ...hope everything else has as good an outcome....soon 😊

Heritage Hall said...

Clever, clever...looks wonderful. So sorry about the postal snafu...hope it
can be worked out.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago we had an absolutely horrible mailman-- used to jam any mail in any box with no regard to name/house number. I started writing "Delivered to WRONG ADDRESS" in red sharpie on everything not mine and instead of just leaving it in the box for re-delivery, took it to the collection box outside the post office, so it would have to go through the system again. A couple of my neighbors also began doing the same thing.

It took months, but the sh!tty mailman disappeared and we got a marginally better one.

We also learned to send anything important certified mail, return receipt requested. Pain in the a$$, more expensive, but payments, licenses, tax forms, etc. did get where they belonged.

Carol said...

I'm so impressed with your very creative dishwasher panel, Marly--it looks great! And I'm sure you loved saving all that money. Very interesting to hear about using Bondo--will have to give it a try.

Oh, that postal worker sounds totally incompetent! I wonder how many people have had serious problems due to her irresponsibility...

How about this weather today? Crazy!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh how I would love a tour of your kitchen!!! You and hubby are so creative/innovative.
Hugs :)

3millplainrd said...

There has to be a way to complain about that postal worker. Gross incompetance to the point of people losing benefits is a very serious matter. She sounds like the carriers who stuff mail in their trunks only to be found years later.

Mary A said...

I would take this to your local media and local politicians. Complain to the your public utility commission too. Bringing this to light might also get our illustrious postal service to do something about your incompetent mail carrier. Thank you for the knob website. I found my kitchen knobs there!

deb said...

Dishwasher front looks fabulous! Bondo ... who knew?? Thanks so much for the tip - we always get so frustrated by wood filler!

Really, you are a wealth of useful information today! Wrist blood pressure cuff with lights that indicate you have it set correctly - EXACTLY what we need! And it looks like Wonderful Husband could actually take BP by himself with that thing. I know the M.D. advised taking it at the same time every day for his "official" record, but it seems checking at different times of the day would give a broader picture of what his BP is on a consistent basis (and yes, I realize that "consistent" and "BP" in the same sentence is rather an oxymoron)

Thank you, *thank you* for the help you've given today!

Heritage Hall said...

Like you, I want to do Melinda's huswife, but cannot find the SAN quarterly
hardcover No 2... what is on the cover?

Maggee said...

The cabinet front is perfect! You guys did a great job! I know it still has finishing touches, but am sure it will be even more perfect after that! Kudos! Reading about the mailman situation just makes my blood churn!! I know you will do your best to clear that! Hugs!

~mj~ said...

I was told by my doc not to get the wrist BP thingy because they were not accurate....just throwing that out there...

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