Feb 15, 2018

Vintage ribbon

Hello everyone.  I have a little over eight yards of this 3/8" embroidered ribbon, white with pink and blue flowers, that I have no use for.  I purchased two cards of this decades ago, aged one to a nice beige, and have this original white left.  If anyone would like it for a little girl's dress or other projects, I will send in a bubble envelope for $5.00 which includes shipping.
Missy was enjoying the 60 degrees today and getting some fresh air. 
I haven't found the little project I have been working on since I last showed it.  It's somewhere! 
And about my mail carrier.  Complaints have been plentiful for years since she started as a fill-in.  She just doesn't have the common sense to do the job and hardly ever picks up mail from the box.  It's not that she doesn't see it, she moves it out of the way to throw in the day's delivery.  Today, she left my package on the front (uncovered) porch and exposed from beneath it on the WET deck I found the rest of our mail, bills and a check, sopping wet and smeared from the rain.  Too fricking lazy and stupid to put it where it belongs, IN THE MAILBOX.  This is so ridiculous that government employees incapable or unwilling to work cannot be fired or at least put in a different position. 
Turning the corner to February's close, before you know it, we'll be thinking of flowers.  But that is not what everyone's thoughts are of today.
Let me know if you would like the ribbon.
Thanks for visiting.


rosek1870 said...

So pretty! If no one has claimed it i would love to give it a good home.
My email is rosek1870@gmail@gmail.com

Rugs and Pugs said...

So sad about the shooting in Florida. So many lives affected/ruined. I know there is much good in the world, but the bad is really bad.
Hugs :)

Pam in IL said...

Sorry that you're having such an issue with your mail carrier. We have quite the opposite here. The post offices in our little village and the surrounding little villages/towns were all cut down to 4 hour offices and the local postmasters were either let go or forced into retirement. Since then, we have a different person handling our mail and office every 3-6 months. They're all considered temporary, contracted employees and every 10-11 months they are "let go" for a week and then, if the supervisor wants them back, they are re-hired.

Heritage Hall said...

I would send the discarded sopping mess down to the post office and ask the supervisor if the Postmaster would be interested in seeing the handling of U.S. mail by your branch and particular carrier....with the way things are going, such
a complaint might not make a dent... but you certainly have a legitimate complaint.

C M Designs said...

Your mail carrier needs to be reported. If not, it will go on as it is now. No excuse for that kind of service. She's being paid a good salary too.
Charlotte in Va.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, I recognize that ribbon! I bought some, also decades ago, to trim a bathrobe for my daughter when she was young. Got it from a sewing center in Easton, PA IIRC.

What a nice bit of nostalgia!

Dirty Martini Queen said...

We really do have a great postman but since hubby orders everything from Amazon we put in an extra large mail box and even installed a Rubbermaid deck box so he can drop packages there instead of coming all the way down our extremely steep driveway. He never complained and was very careful but I hated to put him thru it every single day....did I mention hubby orders EVERYTHING from Amazon! You need to let the post master know just what this lady is doing or not doing in your case.

diamondc said...

Hi Marly: I am sad you have a problem with your carrier, we made a complaint against out mail carrier and things got better a whole lot better we called the postmaster and said we are going to file a formal complaint with the main post office in Minneapolis things got better.
That ribbon is beautiful, I have some very similar.
We have snow and 15 degree weather, I hate it, looking forward to spring.


Penny said...

I can relate to the problems with your mail carrier. My husband has worked for the postal service for thirty-one years and has dealt with the frustration of fellow employees who have no work ethic whatsoever. The things he has seen people do over the years and still retain their jobs -- there was a case where someone was caught urinating on the mail -- they were fired for that. But sadly firing is rare. It makes me angry that he is working himself to death trying to do not only his work but the work of his lazy co-workers. Our mail carrier is a joke. She crams things in our box that are plainly labeled do not bend, and half the time we have our neighbors mail. We have made complaints, but surprise, surprise, to no avail.

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