Mar 21, 2018

About that coffee

it is strong!  I added a little water with ice, or just lots of ice and no water, lots of cream and my sweetener.  The flavor is very good and I can adjust the strength.  I will do this often and save a lot this summer and not have to make a trip to get a very good iced coffee.  Only one issue.  I used the standard drip grind and there was quite a bit of sludge that needed lots of coffee filters to strain.  It's recommended to use a medium grind which I will try next.  We are lucky to have a local coffee roaster and can buy fresh roasted to be ground as you wish.  And Giant Eagle still has a grinder for whole bean bags.  I buy DD bags, I wonder if they would grind it for me in the store?  Would it be easier to just make a double strength pot in an electric maker?  Maybe.  Cold brewed is supposed to be strong without the bitter taste but I'll try both.  My first attempt a few years ago was a mess because I wasn't thinking.  I doubled the scoops with the same amount of water and the basket overflowed.  Just use half the water amount for the recommended scoops.
I saw this on Pinterest but it didn't lead to any information.  Isn't this scissor case sweet?

I found out from my new xrays at the doc today that my clavicle on the bad shoulder side is a half inch from the sternum where it should be attached.  The muscle and ligaments are holding it there according to the doc.  Could be from the accident when the seat belt dug in or related to the impingement.   Too bad one doctor isn't thorough enough and you have to get bits and pieces from several.
Stopped at Sherwin Williams since our car was fishtailing in that direction anyway.  The roads were horrendous this morning.  Found two dark colors that may work for the house, would still like the windows painted to match instead of the windows' high gloss finish, the dark sample.

May be taking Carole to the doctor tomorrow.  She had a really bad night and the cough is worse.
my aunt has trouble with knowing what day it is.  She looks at her calendar which is marked with doc visits and such, but it doesn't help if the day is wrong.  So I found this clock for seniors, perfect.  It clearly shows the day and the date so she can use it to check the correct day on her calendar.  It's called a Day Clock.  If you've never seen it and think it could help a senior in the family, a great gift idea.
That's it folks.
Hope your week is going well.
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Wendy T said...

The scissor case is by Yoko Saito. I have many of her quilting books as I love the Japanese quilting projects using fabrics in the khaki Color family.

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

For cold brewing coffee, you want a coarse grind. Most drip coffee is medium to fine grind, and the finer the grind, the more sludge you have. If you've got people who can grind it for you, ask them to give you a coarse grind. Every now and then I can find a bag of coarse grind at the grocery store, but most of the time I have to make it myself in my little coffee grinder. It's not that big a deal, but I envy you your full-service coffee shops!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

That clock would be so helpful - we had a similar style for both our mums but they weren't as clear as that one - it's perfect.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Coffee...never have touched the stuff.
So what's the next step with your shoulder? This growing old sucks!
And Carole? Hope all is well with her.

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

huge fan of Yoko Saito! own all of her books ;)
wish I could say I like the taste of coffee, but I just like the smell of it perking.

JustGail said...

My dad also lost ability to keep his days straight. Even the newspapers became of no use (the only reason besides the obituaries we kept getting it for him). I got a similar clock for Dad - the time was huge, but the other information was rather small and not as nicely organized. But it is supposed to automatically adjust time. I like this one much better - nice find.

I hope all the medical stuff gets straightened out soon. Have you heard of a website called Not Always Right? They have a special section just for medical stories. Sometimes it's nice to know you're not alone in having issues with medical personnel.

Truus said...

Do hope that you and Carol are being well soon.
Is there anything they could do with your shoulder-hope so without a operation for you.
Greetings,Truus from Holland

Martha Longstreth said...

Hi, I'm a new follower. 1st one on your pictures right now. Love your site & pears! I have been making very good cold brew for a couple of years. I got a filter from called BRUW (just get the filter $20). You need 2 large mason jars. The filter will tell you how much coffee (I just use regular!) to use and add the water & wait 24 hrs.
To make your iced drink: fill glass 1/2 way with ice, add 4 oz cold brew & 4 oz milk & 2 T of syrup (if your want a yummy yummy drink!). The filter is only $20 but really makes it easy. You don't want to make too much or it will get bitter. I have found this is perfect for me, my daughter, my friends...well you get the point!

Carol said...

Oh, that IS a lovely scissors case!

This winter has got to end--yesterday, my husband could barely get into our garage (and we have a level driveway!).

Your shoulder sounds like a real problem--hope the doctors (and you!) can figure out the next step...

Have never seen a clock like that, but I can imagine it would be great for my mom. Thanks, Marly!

Margaret said...

I don't know how you do it. I really don't. You take care of everyone in your family. Your post about the terrible Emily had my blood boiling. OMG. I hope everyone is doing better healthwise. You too.

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