Mar 22, 2018

These will be so tweet!

Hi everyone.  Received my gift of BBD and started pulling fabric for the Tweet hearts.  I would love to do a few in different colors, change a bird to a blackbird and another to a cardinal.  Instead of the 32 count which is too bulky with two threads and too skimpy with one, I chose 30.  During this task, a closer look revealed two 13 x 17 pieces that are clearly marked 32 count, and are in fact, 28.  Not happy and it's too late to return.  From now on I will check very closely because this has happened before, but seriously doubt any future orders will be placed since I have plenty of linen and colors.  These are my choices for a Tweety quartet.
But you know that I may will can probably undoubtedly change my mind, don't you?
This is my first inside look of a BBD book and they do a wonderful job of photos and instructions.  Very nice. 
For those interested in the Day Clock, it is here, available in several frame colors.  And I received a note from Martha about cold brew coffee, she helped a lot!  I was following several major online food sites for instructions, no one told me that there are filters you can purchase to make it easier.  So thank you very much Martha!  Here's a few options, also Amazon.

A long filter to use in a 2 quart mason jar here.

A very fine mesh bag to hold the grounds here.

And a different method, also to use with a mason jar here.

Cold brew is less acidic, concentrated, sweeter.  You can add boiling water to the brew for a hot cup, or ice for cold.  Another tip I received from Lenore is to make ice cubes from coffee to prevent diluting the drink.  Mine is sweetened with cream added.  I have the flavored syrups (Torani) in vanilla and hazelnut but prefer plain.

The amount of water to coffee varies depending on individual tastes, but having a pitcher of concentrate for an anytime treat is very appealing.  Must be kept in the fridge and I prefer glass so until I find a nice container, the mason jar will work.

The snow and ice yesterday is probably the reason we saw a young doe with a broken front leg today.  She was fine two days ago. 
Have a great end to your week folks.
Thanks for visiting.


diamondc said...

Hi Marly: I like the idea of using different colored fabrics with different birds, I await to see what you come up with.


Amanda said...

I've been using the Noddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker for well over a decade - it's one of the top-rated cold brew systems. What's really nice is you can re-use the filters - just rinse them well and make sure they're good and dry before you put them away. That's a huge cost savings. A friend set me onto cold brew because I love coffee but my stomach was having real issues with it. Cold brewing cuts the acid dramatically and gives you a very smooth cup of coffee.

BTW, if you really love iced coffee, don't toss the extra coffee from your regular brewed coffee. Put the extra in an ice cube tray and freeze it. Pop the coffee ice cubes in a freezer bag to accumulate them, and use them in your iced coffee instead of ice cubes so they don't dilute your coffee. Not much nastier than watery iced coffee!

linda said...

Hi Marly....i have had the cold brew system from Amazon using the mason jar for 2 years now. Love it! Works extremely well. I like my ice coffee light and sweet. Makes a perfect brew every time! I also bought another large mason jar from Walmart anticipating a broken original jar but that has not happened yet. Hope you find something that works for you.

Have a great Friday,

Linda from Wrentham, MA

Krissy B. said...

Excited to see the tweets done. The linen colors are beautiful...of course.

Unknown said...

Linens are beautiful. That poor little doe. Will you call anyone for help for this little one? So sad to think it's out there in pain.

debbie haggard said...

hi Marly, what will happen to the little doe? I understand Nature should/probably will just take its course, but that breaks my heart.....

Maggee said...

I also look forward to seeing your Spring stitching! So many great fabric colors! Oh I hope that doe was just faking a limp! :( Hugs!

Karmen said...

I have not tried cold brew; thanks for the info.

Pam in IL said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your tweets on the linen you've picked out or whatever else you decide to change it to. I've got to something kitted up to work on this weekend since we've got 14 inches of the white stuff predicted for tonight and tomorrow. Hope you have a great weekend.

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