Mar 18, 2018

Befuddled (thanks Deb!)

Hello hello!  How's it going?  Hope your week wasn't stressful and you did something special for yourself.

While reading Deb's blog and watching progress on her remarkable sampler project, she used the word befuddling.  Oh my!  It's been a long while since I heard or used that word and I like it.  And it's appropriate when describing my recent months.  The Eliquis is thinning my blood but also thinning my hair, and I think may be thinning my brain.
To Kathiquilts (no-reply!) and anyone else inquiring, those Tweet Hearts are from the Blackbird Design book, For My Friend.  I was very lucky to receive offers from several readers who are done with the book and willing to share.  Thank you all!   I don't know if I mentioned this, but recently I loaned an OOP chart and put my return address on it with a sticky note.  Weeks later when I opened the mail and saw the chart, I wondered why I ordered it and where I found it since it is OOP.  Good thing the sticky note was still attached or it would have bugged me for days. 
I was looking through charts to sell and all the little freebies and such that I keep in a folder.  For a number of years, Mary Monier has been a bug in my brain.  I would catch a glimpse of her name on a file, think about stitching her, but something was never right.  I still can't figure it out.  Yesterday I came across my working copy, marked with red, notes in ink, highlighted areas, obviously used.  This tells me I did in fact stitch her many years ago.  ????  She left without saying goodbye.  Was it something I said?  Were there threats of flame?  Not only is the chart missing, but the sampler itself.  Tells you just how bad my memory has become.

Did you see the FB post from NeedleWork Press?  They are offering a darling freebie that you can find here, and if you aren't FB'ers and can't access it, here is the free chart (I hope it's OK to show it).

And the finish they featured from Terry Warburton using her own colors.  Isn't this sweet?  If I'm infringing by showing this from NWP's Facebook post, please let me know.  I would like to schedule a haircut before I'm hauled off.
To add even more confusion to my already befuddled mind, it seems some clothing articles are now gender neutral.  The men's hoodie on clearance for my brother zipped on the opposite side of the standard for men, and the women's zipper was also reversed.  When I inquired, I was told that gender neutral is being introduced in clothing that can be worn by either.  Then put half of each closure side in each department because some of us with arthritis and brain fog prefer what we are used to.  And if this will be case, I hope they increase the hip width because women's hips need a little more room.  Or in some cases, a lot, but I won't mention my name.
As for the emails to absent bloggers, I found that many were changed by Google to no-reply.  Julia had a great idea that never occurred to me, just leave a note in the comments of the last post.  Mine come through to my email (except for AOL and Yahoo customers) so I assume everyone's would do the same.  Thanks Julia for a solution when we have no way to contact or don't want to feel we are intruding.  From what I've read, most would welcome a note and not think it to be such. 

And for the experiment of the day.  I found a bag of outdated coffee and decided to experiment with cold brew (instead of wasting the fresh). I only purchase the regular iced coffee at Dunkin because cold is not offered in decaf.  Many versions of coffee to water ratios online, I'm using 1 cup of ground to 4 cups cold water.  Cover and let sit overnight, then strain several times, the last one with a coffee filter to remove sludge.  Mix 1 to 1 ratio of brew to water, add sweetener and cream if desired.  I'll let you know how it comes out.

Have a great start to your week.

Thanks for visiting.



Penny said...

Love the freebie cross stitch......thanks everyone for sharing!
Believe it or not, I just used the word “befuddled” today, with my sister, who often befuddles me with her comments! It’s a great word, that’s sums up my state of my mind all too often!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Gender neutral clothing? Holy hell! What's next?
I've been befuddled for decades. It's a favorite word of mine. Welcome to the club.
I love Terry's freebie finish. Thanks for sharing.
Sunny in Ohio today. Winds off the lake are still cold but we hit 50*. WOO HOO. Too bad it's not going to stick around.

Karen Budnick said...

Thanks for sharing that sweet little chart!

Mugwump Woolies said...

I always welcome comments, email...a passing wave from the postman. Love the freebie!
Have agood week.

diamondc said...

Marly: I hope you do stitch the birds they are adorable.
I have never seen cold brew done that way very interesting.
I am stitching my heart out this week and came to a halt a hard halt, I will be posting this evening of what went wrong.
I hope you are having great weather, it is in the 40s here today I am not complaining, soon it will be warm.


deb said...

Glad befuddled came in handy. Can't help it, I love words. My 9th grade English teacher gifted me with a thesaurus - total delight!

I think I've seen you mention Mary Monier before. Of course I'm always curious about samplers and usually go looking when someone mentions one, but I'm having no luck at all with this one - rats.

Let us know how your cold brewed coffee comes out!

Mary Elizabeth jaquay said...

I have a question concerning one of your posts. What is the name of the site you mentioned concerning stitching? It is similar to You Tube. Thank you so very much. I really enjoy reading your posts.

Amanda said...

I don't think it's brain fog - I think we sort of hit storage capacity. I really wish we could defrag our brains! Your cold coffee brew sounds good. When hurricanes are coming, I steep coarse-ground coffee and make a brew strong enough that a 1:3 brew will let me have a cup of hot coffee even when the power is out - I've a Coleman stove I can boil water on. As long as I've had my morning joe, I can face about anything!

Margaret said...

I hear you on the brain thing. I seem to forget everything these days. It's awful. I'll have to mention this cold brew thing to my DH. He's into coffee, not me.

debbie haggard said...

hi Marly, i was surprised, years ago, to learn i could make cold brew iced tea this way. no more boiling water required- just throw the tea bags into a pitcher or jug, fill with cold water and set in the fridge overnight. works with any brand,style, or flavor of tea bag. SO much easier and tastes great. and,,,, dont worry too much about the forgetting thing. during the course of writing this comment, i could not remember how to spell 'pitcher' and had to go look it up :-)

Penny said...

That is a sweet design from Needlework Press -- thanks for sharing! Gender neutral clothing definitely befuddles my mind. : ) And I think it would be nice to receive a message from someone saying they are thinking of you. As for coffee, I prefer mine hot, but your experiment sounds good.

moosecraft said...

Wow! The freebie was cute to begin with...but, Terry's version is awesome! So much fun to see what color selection can do to a design!
Hot coffee for me please! The only cold coffee I'll take is espresso chip ice cream drizzled with hot fudge! Mmmmmm.... yes, even in the winter! :-)
Have an awesome week!

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