Mar 20, 2018

The Clinic

Monday Monday.  I went in with the intention to be kind and patient.  And I was.  Since they changed settings on my nephew's pump, he has been in distress from low numbers four times in one week so his visits there were frequent.  And each time he explained their error of sending his insulin Rx to his old insurance.  Nothing changed.  Except she became more belligerent, nasty, and unprofessional.  She insisted it was done properly and the pharmacy is the problem.  She hung up on him when he called to check the status.  His last visit he said "my Aunt Marlene checked too and it still hasn't been called in, I'm running low on Novolog".  To which she replied, "tell your Aunt Marlene that it was taken care of and if she thinks she knows more than me, have her come in".  Invitation accepted.
First visit (last week) was very pleasant with a clerk, who checked records and found that 4 weeks ago "Emily" did indeed send to the old pharmacy.  Good thing I went in with a pleasant attitude (rare) because this clerk was not the focus of my ire.  Assuming it would be handled, no need to confront Emily.
Second visit, Monday. Back down the hallway to the same clerk.  All is cordial, I hand her several order forms for faxing completely filled out except for the signature.  I remind her that nothing has been done so I took the liberty of preparing everything for them, all they have to do is push the button on the fax machine, if they can handle that.  She then informs me that Rx faxing is done at the front desk, and that correction was sent to them after my first visit.  She said I needed to go there and ask for Emily.  Point the way.  Let's talk to Emily.
When I asked at that front desk if I could speak to Emily, I had full intention to be nice.  A woman immediately came over and as nasty as hell said "who wants to know?"  Nice was slipping away quickly.  "Why?  Who told you to ask for Emily?  What do you need her for?"  All gone.  Come at me Bro.  I knew immediately I was standing in front of a women named Emily who would rue the day.  The rest as they say, is history.  His mail order Novolog will be delivered the 26th, and I will accompany Chris on his next visit.  I understand we all have bad days.  But every single visit?  Unacceptable.  She is representing this medical group with a horrible attitude, and no patient should be treated this way, or prevented from receiving life saving medication because someone thinks they know it all.  She will be dealt with, I guarantee it.
Someone else was getting on my nerves this morning.  And this is what you can see, the other floss skeins are under the sofa looking like fusilli.
Guess who?
Happy Spring.  Snow this afternoon.  Yippee.


Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
Sounds like Emily met her match and hopefully will change her attitude!! So happy you can be your nephew's advocate and help get the proper results!! People who work in those jobs need to remember two important words....CUSTOMER and SERVICE!!!
Hope you and Mark are both feeling better, and Nitzy, too!!
I also hope the weather people are wrong!!
Heart Hugs~

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone you can report her to for her unprofessional and unkind behavior? Someone needs to know. You're probably not the only one.

Cynthia said...

Emily needs a lesson or two in "customer service." Glad to hear you will be going to the next appointment. I'm sure the doctor will not like hearing all this and I hope the doctor sends her over the coals. Good luck.

capecodgirl565 said...

There are some people you just cannot be nice to. Sounds like Emily is one of them! Chris is lucky to have you around for sure.

Pam said...

Think of the poor patients that don't have an "Aunt Marlene"

Berit said...

This poor "Emily"! She sounds QUITE deranged!!! It is very good of you to help advocate for your nephew. I hope he can in future only deal with medical caretakers who are mindful, appropriate, and correct partners who can help him safeguard and improve his health! And may we all live that too, for that matter!

Anonymous said...

Good for you.

C M Designs said...

Oh, my, need for that kind of customer service or lack there of.
So glad that you nephew has you to go to bat for him.
Yes, we are getting snow too. 8 to 12 inches.......wish it had been here for Christmas.
Take care.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Incompetence is running rampant! I have been trying to get a problem with Social Security resolved for 6 1/2 months. Numerous visits and countless phone calls and it's always check back in 45 days, check back in 15 frustrating.
Lucky for your nephew he has you.

Unknown said...

I got so mad at a "medical professional" who would not assist me when my late husband was suffering with terminal cancer, that I told her I knew where she lived. I'm lucky I didn't get arrested. It was Christmas eve so I guess they had mercy on me. It did, however, get her attention. How many people suffer because they have no one to go to bat for them? Good work!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, Go, Marly, Go! Love it!

Jean Bee said...

OMG.....what a b.t.h! Give it to her...I know you will and I can’t wait to hear about it! The cat...the floss...too funny..well, not really but it is! Hope you can get it untangled!

Marilyn said...

Why do they let people who act unprofessional like that deal with the public?
She needs to be put in her place.
She's there to serve people, it's her job.

deb said...

So glad your nephew has you to set that office straight. Reading this, I kept thinking, go get 'em Marly! Good for you!

Your thread... oh no! Clearly Missy couldn't resist.

Sweet Sue said...

cell phones can take videos, just sayin 😁

Maggee said...

I SO wanted to be a fly on the wall at your clinic!! Man oh man! The incompetence levels are increasing in every field... I can't get my asthma medicine until my NEW insco sees that I have taken 'their' recommended three and 'failed them for 30 days'... Ummm... if I fail them, it would mean I could not breathe, and therefore would die... Hello?? I have tried them before, and one didn't work, which is WHY I am on the current one I am trying to renew. The other two are CLEARLY marked: "Do not use for asthma" as they would/could cause death. REALLY??? Something is amiss here... The times, they are changing... It is a good thing your nephew has you as his advocate!! Hugs!

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