Mar 16, 2018

FB live

Hi pals.  I spent the afternoon looking through charts that will never be stitched and decided to check Facebook for a break.  I happened upon Teresa Kogut's live video drawing a winner's name.  Who knew?  Certainly not me, that she does a weekly live video.  I would love to see that so will check into what is required to have bells, alarms, whistles, and dancing animals alert me. (But I have to wonder if FB live is a good idea with the lack of decency and scruples out there.)  Then I checked email and found her newsletter.  Episode 51 "Peacemaker" speed painting video was a real treat.  You can visit her site if you haven't as yet to see her wonderful original paintings for sale along with charts for needlework, and also click on Videos to view more of her artistry.
I chose a small and a large sampler to start but did not pull linen.  My 35 count linens are small in size and I would need a huge piece, not willing to purchase more.  I have enough 30 count for the large one but really don't want a bunch of fabric on my lap.  More like it, I don't want to stitch it at all but do love the design.  So I will continue to ponder what's next.  I have velvet for berries and vintage tablecloth pieces to play with, also the Quaker Lace beauties for tunic tops.
Mark's appointment today helped him, Carole is not any better, and I may have to consider surgery on this shoulder.  No improvement and I am tired of the limitations.  An MRI accompanied by anti-claustrophobia drugs is next.  Hope they're gummies.
Getting closer to colonial paint and panel that mixes with farmhouse.
Our windows are in and Monday we will bring one home to match color samples.  We need to order the trim and get one coat of paint on before it's installed.  Then choose a decking material for the front since our expensive cedar decking rotted.  I do not want to use manufactured products, would prefer wood, maybe I'll win this one too.
Have a great weekend.
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Rugs and Pugs said...

Sorry to hear you may need surgery. This growing old is not for sissies.
Happy St. Paddy's Day :)

Daffycat said...

My husband had surgery on his shoulder and it helped so much! I think he slept in the recliner for two years before he finally gave in!

How is Nitzy's eye?

C M Designs said...

Happy St. Patrick's daughter's birthday today.
Am glad Mark made it to his chiropractor and feels better.
I had to have surgery on my shoulder in 1989........was great for a while, now I have limited use of it. Right one. Dr. gave me valium for the MRI.......helped immensely !
I hope Nitzy's eye is better !
Have a wonderful weekend.
Charlotte in Va.

Margaret said...

Good luck with the MRI. Only had one once -- not fun. Hope everyone is feeling better soon, including Nitzy. We have trouble with Mia with the vet too. Even our visiting vet, she freaks out. Acts like a total tom cat. Sigh.

deb said...

Glad to hear Mark was able to get to the chiropractor and is feeling better. Sorry that you're thinking you may need surgery on that shoulder, but good luck with the MRI. I think the rad tech can help a lot by being informative - hearing something like "this one will take longer and there will be different noises" helped me a lot.

Ms Peppercorn said...

Hoping your Marvin windows fare better than my sister’s did with her Saltbox. She really had a go around with the company. Boy can she get ugly! She felt she spent top dollar and they still rotted out. At this point in my life, I just expect everything to be a struggle. In November I received a call from Home Depot to tell me my online order was in but it had been damaged in delivery. I told them I would be there to pick it up anyway. When I made the trip there it had been sent back to the warehouse anyhow. I was told I would get a $50 gift card for my inconvenience of having to reorder and make the trip to get it. I finally got it last week only because of perseverance! I made at least 4 calls to try and find out why I never received it. I swear companies do this on purpose because some folks will forget or give up on getting the refund or in my case the gift card. 🤬

Carol said...

Oh, I'm sorry to read that you may have to have surgery, Marly. My husband had shoulder surgery about five years ago and it helped, but he needs it again. The surgeon told him he would... He is trying to avoid it by favoring that shoulder, but I sure hear many groans of pain when he is using it. Good luck!

Maggee said...

I sure do hope you don't need surgery... I am a bit behind in reading, but hoping anyway! And the fact that your hubby feels better after the chiro visit is fantastic!! Hugs!

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