Mar 14, 2018

Hump day

Geez a Lou.  Some of you are getting hammered with more snow!  It's been a record breaking winter hasn't it?  We have snow again but it is just a continual dusting with cold temps.
I need to call a mobile vet for Nitzy.  His eye has been swollen and running, even some blood, and I was finally able to approach him with a warm damp pad to wipe it.  But it didn't last long. One swipe before the blood was mine.  I plan to ask the vet if she will order a pill or be able to give an injection to knock him out, otherwise, he cannot be examined.  May be a common condition or an injury but either way, how will I be able to administer drops?  I will call this afternoon.  Our chiropractic appointments weren't kept since Mark can barely move, lay, or attempt steps.  For being this type of doctor, I am surprised she has only stair access and no ramp.  He could not get into the car anyway so Advil and ice until Friday.
Another colonial interior that only needs woodwork and color to grab your attention.  My favorite decorated home has been an Ohio saltbox, seen in her Pinterest album.
The older photos at the end of the album showcase the colonial paints and décor, the newer show her change to farmhouse.  I have been considering the same, but I don't like all white in a colonial home. It just doesn't accent the paneling, built-ins, and moulding enough for me.  Is it possible to incorporate the two?  Of course!  There are no rules for our homes, only what makes us smile.  If you are interested in a primitive wares sale from someone changing to farmhouse, check out the FB page of 1862_Farmhouse.  Many items have been sold but her offers are very nice.

After the local man's story, this was in the newspaper....
"Nine months after a woman who had been convicted of financial theft in Virginia became the court appointed guardian of a Montgomery County man's assets, his house was subject to foreclosure over unpaid mortgage payment and other bills.  The same woman had been appointed guardian in 88 other cases in 2015 and 2016 in Montgomery County and Philadelphia." EIGHTY EIGHT!  They keep the money designated for the seniors' responsibilities and bills allowing them to fall in debt and lose everything including a place to live.  There is no system in place here to check on backgrounds before giving "caregivers" complete access to vulnerable seniors, family is not even notified, nor is it mandatory for an attorney to represent them at these hearings.  Be aware that this can happen very quickly and without notification to others, so keep an eye on all friends and relatives that use aides.  I don't know how many states have laws and guidelines for elder representation but they all should.  Gaining power of attorney is harder for a family member to obtain than a stranger.  Something is radically wrong here.   Is there a document that could require another individual's approval before any legal actions?  Not having any control over money, but as a safeguard against fraud?  There should be.
Have a good day folks.
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Marilyn said...

Wouldn't a red light go on?
How can they keep letting her do this, they have her identification.

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Crooked is as crooked does. I LOVE your favorite house. I just dream of having one like this as living in crooked California does not have anything like this.
Peace and Blessings for all,

Rugs and Pugs said...

Poor Nitzy. Poor hubby. I hope they are both better soon.
LOVE that interior. So classy.
Such a sad story. Elder abuse. Punishment should be swift and harsh!!!

Heritage Hall said...

Hope you, Mark and Nitzy are feeling better
very soon.... That house is understated
and controlled.. pure it,
and that kitchen sink....

Barb said...

I feel so sorry for Mark, Nitzy too. After breaking my back a few years ago, I am very sensitive to those with back problems. I had a very difficult experience with a care giver to my Step-mom. (My step-mom lived very far from us.) Thanks to a very alert finance man, disaster was avoided!!

C M Designs said...

Praying that you and Mark will be able to get to the chiropractor soon. Back pain is not enjoyable.
I love Phoebe's home and garden.
I hope that you can get someone to treat Nitzy. Poor baby.
Have had two squirrels caught in cages this inside my attic the other outside, close to an opening in my siding. I hope that's all there are. Very expensive situation.
My heart aches for those who a being taken advantage of. Wish something could be done to stop those "money grabbers".
Take care.
Charlotte in Va.

diamondc said...

Hi Marly: I hope Mark is able to get around better soon, as you also.
I love farmhouse but Mike likes more modern its eclectic her a little of both.
I would think that human services would look into this bitch taking advantage of the elderly and ill.
I would love to be in a barn with her for one minute just one it would not be pretty.
Nitzy is lucky to have you around, I bet the vet has something you could give her to calm her down in her food or water so you could give the drops.


Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
Seems like all of you need some TLC!!! Hope you all can get the help and relief you need SOON!!
The room is just gorgeous and I will have to check out the link! Thanks so much for sharing!!
Take care and hope you all feel better soon!
Heart Hugs~

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