Apr 1, 2018


Already.  Hope everyone had a very nice Easter.  I made kielbasa and kraut with potatoes and carrots in the Instant Pot, it was so good.  So we took the silk flowers to the cemetery and then delivered the meal to brother and sister.  Another trip to the drug store for more cough syrup and had to try several stores since the shelves were bare.  Lots of people sick around here.  Did I ask her Friday when we delivered pizza if there was anything she needed?  Did I ask her Saturday while I was out if she needed anything?  Did she call Easter morning and tell me she was out of cough syrup?  Of course.  There is some improvement in her voice, and she ate the dinner today.  Tomorrow it's back to the doctor.
We had sunshine today, something we hadn't seen for a while.  Nit was wondering where that bright light was coming from.
His father, Budman, tried to jump on me this morning while the computer was on my lap, and after an awkward landing, turned and quickly jumped down.  His sharp claw landed in that ditch where my skin meets the side of my thumb nail and slit it open from top to bottom.  I have never had that much pain from a cut.
First thing Monday I am going to Home Depot for a color match, the only place that offers sample cans of exterior stain.  I played with my craft paints until I got a color similar to this photo.  Dark brown, but not warm golden dark brown, more of a ashy gray brown, but not gray, and not brown, and not golden, not rusty, not anything really. 
I mentioned in a prior post about the thrill of the stitch compared to enjoying the display.  I love the birds, not sure I want them.  This is really weird isn't it?  They are so sweet and I enjoyed creating them, but the thrill is gone.  So if I stitch again they will also be for gifts.  I'm thinking the blue bird and maybe a goldfinch.
I had a long and busy day, haven't read much, may catch up tomorrow.  I saw a large iPad while careening my buggy around Walmart and really like what I saw.  That's a ton of money while doing house repairs though.  And how does it work? Like my tablet that keeps telling me my browser isn't supported so I download another and get the same message?  What I need to flash across my screen is PUT DOWN THE CHOCOLATE.  WALK AWAY.  I used my nephew's smart phone and did not like what I saw.  The screen for phones does not have the same display as the laptop and I like seeing it all so I need to get to a Best Buy or somewhere these things can be explained.
Have a good week.
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Brenda said...

Happy Easter Marly!

Amanda said...

Your talking about your birds reminded me of friend who was a watercolorist. She was a very good painter, but once the piece was done, she lost interest in it. It was the challenge of creating she enjoyed, owning a piece, not so much.

C M Designs said...

Would love to find some/a charts of birds like you did. Love yours.
Sorry about your finger. That is a bad place for a hang nail too.
Glad Carole felt like eating......you dinner sounds delicious.
Is that a picture of your home ?
Take care and have a good week.
Memorial day will be here before we know it.
Charlotte in Va.

Maggee said...

So sorry about the damage to your finger from the darn cat! Ouch! Glad to hear that Carole was eating...that's something! Hope the doctor visit goes well today! I love those hearts you made... maybe the 'affection' for them will come back... it could happen! Good hunting for the right paint color AND a computer of some fashion! Hugs!

Adele said...

If you really are thinking of not keeping the beautiful hearts you stitched, you might consider gifting them with love anonymously. On Facebook, there is a site called "I Found a Quilted Heart". Handmade hearts are hung around town, near doctors' offices, in parks, etc. or wherever you think someone might find it and need some love. There is a message to attach to the heart saying "I Need a Home, please report me if found". You might want to check this out and consider brightening someone's day with a gifted heart.

sandy said...

Take care with that wound to your finger. Wounds from a cat or dog can go south really fast with a serious infection just waiting to happen. Take some time for yourself and see a doctor, Marly.

Mary said...

Ouch! Cats claws can be deadly, My older cat who since two months old have never quite learned the art of retraction those claws. I know you cannot take your cats to vert but I do and always get them to clip her nails. I know you have been searching for house colors I did not know it was stain, but do you have a store that carries C2 paint/stain. Their paint colors are amazing. This house was painted about 13+ years ago with C2 the only repaint was back ( faces due south and it faded a bit) Anyway we have a beige house but it is not your flat beige i always say it has depth. There is house behind us that is beige and flat in color. The said back of house needed to be repainted my husband looked for the extra paint left by painters and said "this can't be right, this paint is purple" It was correct when mixed is was beige. So you see what I mean depth of color not flat. Good luck with your samples. Always hope Carole feels better soon.

diamondc said...

Marley: Nit is so cute, Blondie likes to lay in the sun if and when it comes out.
I understand about the bird designs I have felt the same about a few of my designs I have stitched.
We had turkey for Easter dinner.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Yes, be sure to watch your cat scratch. You sure don't need one more thing to deal with!
Love that brown house color. I'm sure you will come up with the perfect color.
I've had an iPad for years, and I still don't get it, but don't take the time to learn, either.
Happy April. May the temps be warmer than March.

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