May 27, 2018

Cat fight or hair ball?

I'm afraid there may be one or the other this afternoon.  I'm having family over for sliders, funeral potatoes, pasta salad, and peanut butter pie.  It's not really pie because instead of the added fat and calories of the cracker crust I just spoon the filling into dessert cups.  But there will be more than food discussed and I am in a pickle.  Too long of a story, suffice it to say I am ticked off and hesitant to give Mark's old Explorer to nephew's son as promised.  There should never be a condition when you are gifting, but this is not a small gift.  Trying to help someone financially and finding out how it will benefit someone else (in this case his human leech FIL) is making me want to rescind the offer.  We could easily sell this car and use the money to help with the house repairs.  My sister is livid that I am considering this and not giving the promised vehicle to her grandson.  I started giving her several hundred a month to help with her expenses and found out a few things I am also upset about.  But what do you do when your intention is to help?  I've decided no more cash, I will chose two utilities to pay for.  But what difference does that make?  She will still have that amount extra every month and do what she wants.  This will not be a pleasant get together. 
Anyway, speaking of cats, look how much I got off the upholstery with my Playtex living glove after vacuuming it.  This works so well. 
Even the smooth back of the chair had quite a bit that didn't get into the vacuum.  It's amazing and pretty darn quick to do.
I am tired of going into Walmart and finding bare shelves.  This never happened before and I'm wondering if they reduced the work force since the raises were given.  So I go online and order, ship to store. 
The cat food came in a box with a ridiculous amount of packing paper.   So I uncrinkled it, rolled it up, and I have plenty for my own use. 
I like this stuff!  It's perforated to tear every foot and great for shipping instead of Styrofoam (which I also save from shipments!).  Yes, I am a recycler.
Mr. six foot level is coming back next week to finish the inside window trim and until then, what a mess.  Hopefully the painter will be out too. 
Yesterday, the teacher at the end of the road had his annual end of school party, lots of people.  He absolutely hates teaching and will retire at 53 in two years with his salary and full benefits.  They all got their guns out and were shooting for hours, it was quite loud!!  Their home is gorgeous and secluded on 5 acres with a fabulous in ground pool and firepit along the woods, the other houses are not very close.  Hopefully it will be quiet today and tomorrow.  His school graduated 45 kids this year, last year it was 31, one year it was 14.  Our friend teaches math and has 5 - 9 kids in his class every year.  Yet, the union and board members will not approve a merger with neighboring schools.  Such a huge waste of money for the lowest performing school in the county.
Hope the weekend is going well for you.  Wish me luck at the dinner!


Ann at Beadlework. said...

If it's a public school then it's a shocking waste of public funds. Over here teachers can retire at 60 - this early retirement for public servants is a huge drain on taxes. It has happened over here in various sectors and though it's supposedly been cracked down on it still happens. Keeping schools open with such small class numbers isn't financially viable at all, it's so annoying when money is thrown away instead of sensibly spent.

Sherry B said...

Marley, We have been where you are helping extended family. I am a nurse and cannot tell you how many of my friends who are as well have ruined their financial situation by doing the same. Caretakers we are! It is so hard to decide between giving freely or giving for a specific purpose. It is hurtful when you see things squandered or not utilized as you see best. It is very difficult to confront as well. My husband and I do what we can, when we can and give thanks we are able to do so. When we see that it is not appreciated we pull back. Good luck at your gathering. Glad your restoration is going well.
Sherry B

Heritage Hall said...

Whatever happened to that proud motto "don't tread on me"? There comes a time when
what one considers obligation becomes enablement. When confronted by someone with a sense of entitlement and ingratitude, what do you think a self-respecting, though
generous, soul should do? Bless you, Marly...

Anonymous said...

Someone once told me "For your own peace of mind, never give more than you can afford to lose", meaning, Would it hurt if the money you give was not used for the intended purpose? Then don't give it.

If it wouldn't hurt you (mentally, emotionally, financially), then go ahead and give, even knowing your money may be spent for other purposes.

Barb said...

Families!! They bring the best moods and the worst moods!

Ms Peppercorn said...

You already know the answer about the vehicle: don’t give it to him. You are already being mighty generous with your time and money.

Truus said...

Wishing you all the best for the dinner.
Do what feel is good for you.
Blessings to you
Greetings Truus from Holland

C M Designs said...

You can give and give and give some more and there will still be a hand out. Sell the car and use it for your benefit.
I hope your get-to-gather will be a nice one. Family is family but enough is enough.
Charlotte in Va.

celkalee said...

A few motto's learned from years of being "used."
-No good deed goes unpunished!"
-When they start to express needs start biting your tongue, pinch a tender area on the underside of your wrist. Blood may or may not need to be drawn.
-Find your own mantra to hum in your head to block out their requests. Or cock your head and say ....what was that? Then look in the air or on the ground for the offending "thing." This maneuver can effectively change the subject.
-I never agree to medical intervention, never. Well....maybe with cardiac arrest, maybe.
-Just say NO from the beginning, then go home, think about it, do a pro-con list in your head, then decide. If you change your mind you will be the queen, if not ... well you already know!

mckinney37397 said...

Seems like you and Mark are very generous people, maybe in the beginning it was appreciated but when people begin to expect your generousity and take advantage of it then its time to
shut it down.

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