May 25, 2018

Taking her lead

Greetings folks. 

First of all, the cookies notice that blogger noted would be shown on all blogs, I don't see.  Maybe because I block most all ads, I don't know.  I also don't know what to do about it, and have found no information regarding the absence of it. 

THIS POST on Three Sheep Studio gave me the idea of how to save one of my favorite soft capris.  Rose thought her embroidery on the jeans was "back to the 70's" but I saw quite a few jeans with the stitchery last year so what was old is new again.  I used to paint florals or applique fabric stars to mom's clothing to cover the multitude of coffee stains, but this boo-boo on my hem needs Rose's fix.

Somehow, bleach must have dripped and the hem on the outside of one leg has a white area.  I used the Sharpie pens to color it in and now I will find those elusive needles and try my best at freehand embroidery to cover it.  I'm sure I could find a pattern to mimic in the old books I have or better yet, online.
Certainly will be wonky since I am not adept at hand embroidery, not even close, but it will be better than this.  Hopefully!

Enjoy your day.


Three Sheep Studio said...

You will do great Marly !
You’re a whiz with your needle.
Please show us a follow up pic when it is done.

Truus said...

A wonderful idea to embroidery the stains into flowers!
Please show us when it is ready.
Have a great weekend
Greetings Truus from Holland

Annmarie said...

I learn so much from blog posts....never miss yours and love your house posts. Also enjoy Three Sheep Studio....found some new candy treats this week...malted milk candies. Both of you also have such great ideas and samples of stitching. THANKS

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