May 4, 2018

Freehand and a Betsy

Greetings folks.  My brother came across a little working electric child's sewing machine called Betsy Ross.  It's green and comes in a red case.  My little Singer is not electric and I didn't realize some of these miniatures were.  Do I want it?  Nope.  I may ask the only shop we have here if they are interested.
I found a lot of vintage hooks and eyes on cards that are solid brass.  I'm sure someone would use them, maybe Amish, so I will take those to Goodwill.  A reader buddy wanted my Simple Life so the entire lot will go to a good home which I'm happy about.  Thanks for the suggestions to use Media Mail.  I was told that rate is for retailers or mailers, not general public.  Now that I know that is incorrect, I will choose another post office for information. 
I was thinking about the sampler I showed with the winding freehand border.  Not that I want to stitch right now, but I'm thinking!   Mary Hazlehurst had a freehand border of mostly stem stitches, can't remember the others (chain?).  It really wasn't too difficult because stitching the body first makes it easy to see placement and it's OK if it doesn't match exactly as the chart shows. 
The only part I did not enjoy stitching was the little leaves, too small an area to know which way to fill.  I'm sure it was because of being inexperienced since they are a simple shape and solid color.  Mary Elliot's border has petals and flowers that are made up of very small colored sections so I don't know if I would enjoy that.  Really getting ahead of myself, I didn't start or even decide on the design yet.
Contractor hasn't shown yet but I can imagine he is behind because of the very cold and snowy spring.
We've had a rough few weeks with Chris, three days in a row and this morning the phone rang at 5:45.  When I saw her number it brought back the nights of Carole gasping at the other end, unable to breathe and needing an ambulance, the feel of a hand squeezing my neck while Rocky Balboa was pounding my chest.  Takes my breath away.  It wasn't about her, it was for Mark to get there for Chris again.  The paramedics had to be called twice in a week because he was unresponsive and clenched, Mark knew it was best for them to be there.  At that point, an IV is necessary and he was brought around from his 42 low.  We need to locate a doctor experienced with his pump, no one is local, and this temporary and worthless endocrinologist is leaving.  I want to see if the Dexcom CGM can be used with the Medtronic pump, it would be much better because it allows his numbers to be monitored on several devices.  And the volume on the Dexcom alarm can be increased, I can barely hear his current, not loud enough to wake up a gnat.
Going for flowers this weekend, will probably end up with the usual.  And a donut.  Amish sell their fresh donuts there on the weekends.
Hope your weekend is enjoyable and relaxing.  Or exciting.  Whatever makes you smile.
Thanks for visiting.


Ginny said...

That little sewing machine is adorable! I should look for something like that to teach my granddaughter to sew in a few years. If your local shop isn’t interested in it, would you consider selling it? Have an enjoyable time shopping for flowers. It will be Memorial Day weekend before we dare plant anything outside.

Truus said...

Love your little sewing machine. I have a little red one but this is by hand.
Prayers for Chris and do hope you will find a solution for the problems with the pump.
Have a great weekend
Greetings Truus from Holland

CathieJ said...

We are in the midst of dreading the phone ring also. Unfortunately it is because we have two elderly mothers and my husband's brother is ailing. Middle of the night, early morning, late just saps all the energy out of you. I wish you well. That little sewing machine is adorable. Enjoy your flower shopping.

Vickie said...

Betsy Ross is so sweet! What a gorgeous sampler. I am praying for Chris and for a great endocrinologist! I vote for Bubble Gum Pink once again. tee hee! And I am impressed if you are actually getting ONE donut girl.

C M Designs said...

Enjoy your weekend and your doughnut. Waiting to see your flowers.
Sorry that Chris is going through so much..........wish he had a good doctor
in this situation.
So good he has you and Mark.
Charlotte in Va.

Heritage Hall said...

Prayers for Chris and a new, knowledgeable and effective endocrinologist. Would buy
Betsy Ross in a NY minute...Lucky you going out to Amish land for flowers and that
special donut...why not just bring the hooks and eyes with you and leave them for
some lucky Amish lass? Have a great weekend.

deb said...

Very sorry that Chris is having such a rough time and hope you find a doctor who will be proactive about managing his pump and levels. Phone ringing night/early morning is awful as it never means anything good - prayers and warm thoughts for your family.

The little sewing machine is so cute and looks to be in wonderful condition. Enjoyed the reminder look at Mary Hazelhurst which came out looking completely fabulous.

Pondside said...

The little sewing machine is adorable.
I am so sorry to read about the heart-clenching worries. I hope that a good endocrinologist is found soon!

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