May 6, 2018

Still looking for a start

Hello people.  While browsing photos, I saw the one of my mom holding me and transferred it to a post for Mother's Day as a draft.  Well guess who clicked on the wrong post to publish today?  That would be me.   Sorry - this is the correct click!
Hi all.  Hope you're enjoying the weekend.  I didn't get my flowers yesterday.  The nursery we usually visit was mobbed and the baskets huge.  I've found being too large this early fizzles out by August so I prefer a dense younger plant, which other places had, but the baskets were mixed colors.  Next week I'll try again.  We did get the Golden Dagger and Inferno peppers, Giant Marconi and Mucho Nacho (large jalapeno) were too small to bring home.  But it was a sunny warm day for a long ride in Amish country with a warm donut.  Or two.
Still going through charts and trying to be mindful of the fact that I don't feel like stitching, so the design has to be easy enough to stitch, but not boring.  So I came up with these two.  Harriot involves freehand at the bottom, Ann is larger overall with very little over one.  There is another file of small and simple samplers that I will look through this afternoon, and although  I prefer them, I don't know where to hang them all.  But perusing the file will stall the decision for another day and the longer I can put off searching through linen colors and counts, the better.
This odd twin pocket piece (I split a reproduction sampler into two) no longer agrees with me and I will tweak my finishing a little and offer it for sale soon.  For those of you that inquired about the Betsy Ross machine, I need to check with my brother, he may have offered it to his dealer friend to sell.   I'll see him this week.
Carole is coming over for spitini, parmesan potatoes, cranberry walnut salad and lemon bread for dessert.  Chris will come too unless he's called out which seems to always happen on Sundays. 
We've found three doctors that deal with Medtronic pumps, all over 90 minutes away.  One does not have a good rating from some patients but does visit New Castle (about 40 minutes away) once a month.  He was at 54 yesterday morning and the sensor alarm did not go off until 40 minutes after that finger prick.  Now we know the delay in reading and warning is far too slow for his rapid declines.
Enjoy the day.
Thanks for visiting.


Beth in IL said...

Either would be just lovely, but I like Ann Stone if you want a vote.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Dinner sounds yummy.
Hopefully Chris' problem can get sorted out. So very scary!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

The 'hanging pockets' is a great idea. I have small stitched pieces which I could perhaps do something similar with. There's only so many pinkeeps a girl needs.

Carol said...

I think you're right about the flowers, Marly! I'm going to look for something a bit less color filled and hope they bloom longer into the summer since they won't have reached their peak yet. Need to get out there soon and find something before they're all picked over (not that it matters--the deer will be munching on ours as soon as they make an appearance in our garden :)

Vera said...

I like both those samplers too - leaning more towards Harriet. As you know, from reading my blog, I haven't stitched in ages. I just got bored with it. I'm really enjoying knitting though!!

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