May 15, 2018


Two windows installed and trimmed yesterday.  When will he return?  Don't know, depends on the weather and his other jobs.  He's trying to work between storms and inspections at the other work site.  The interior projects I had planned will not be done anytime soon.  Contractor Sam is remodeling a restaurant and then building a massive home for the owner.  His brother, the best finish carpenter locally, is also booked until fall.  Summer passes so quickly, I better line up everything now.  I have complete confidence in both of them, totally impressed, so it's nice to be able to plan without apprehension. 
 When I found out that the old windows will be dumped, I decided for the very first time to try Craig's List.  Offered them for free in exchange for pickup and I had three hits within an hour.  I did not register or create an account and was able to delete the offer after it was fulfilled.  I've heard from many people that Craig's is a great resource, but a friend's son was murdered during an electronic sale.  Needing extra money he listed his devices and gaming, and lost his life.  It was about the same time that my sister's friend had a daughter stabbed 30 times by a stoned young man (nothing to do with Craig's).  Neither mother has recovered from their senseless and devastating loss.  I know you are supposed to meet elsewhere for the transactions but they already have our address and windows aren't something we can carry around in a trunk.  Besides, they're free so no money is involved.  I'm happy someone will use them.  Really irritates me to see remodeling jobs with dumpsters filled with usable vanities, sinks, cupboards, doors.  There should be a place to take reusables where people can get items, maybe not perfect but better than they have.  Offices are notorious for waste, especially medical when an incoming doctor didn't like the décor.  But what can you expect?  My neighbors won't even recycle glass and plastic.  Everything to the dump.  OK I'll shut up.
Guess how many chocolate dipped strawberries and melt-a-ways are left?   I am so upset with myself for gaining the weight loss back and now I'll be over that number.   Stress eating and pigginess.  I need to get a project started and hope I can do that today.  If my hands are busy they may not reach for more chocolate.  Maybe a little Santa.  There's too much going on here to start the larger project I had planned.
Another view of that lovely red cape.
Have a great day everyone!


Peddlecar Quilts said...

What a wonderful way to get rid of the old windows! I sure your home is coming along beautifully. I sell on Craigslist too, but you do have to be very careful! I'm so sorry for the loss of your friends children. I know what you mean, I gained 10 lbs back after an altercation with a neighbor who is OCD and expects everyone else to join him in his perfectionism!! I didn't clean up the dog poop in our own back yard early enough one morning to suit him and it has gone downhill since!!! Why do other think they have to run your life? UGH. Oh well, now I'm back on a diet. So mad at myself for that!!!
Love your work and your beautiful designs!!

Heritage Hall said...

Marly dear - where is that red cape? For sale? It is a gem.
I think your give-away through Craig's is a fairly safe bet for
the reasons you mentioned and good of you to dispose so wisely.
HGTV is equally irksome when they demo some of those solid cherry
cabinets to make way for IKEA-like replacements... Real quality no
longer seems to have value....Put away the chocolate and pick up
your did it before, you can do it again, Slim.

Marilee said...

For future reference: Habitat For Humanity frequently can use items for construction, and in many areas they maintain stores where items are sold to help with fund-raising for their building projects.

Maureen said...

"There should be a place to take reusables where people can get items, maybe not perfect but better than they have"
There is, Habitat for Humanity and in the town where we lived before they would come and pick up some things as well.

Vera said...

Good for you recycling the windows! As others have said, Habitat for Humanity takes all kinds of things (and sells it cheaply). We have donated a bunch of stuff there. Both my brother and a friend have had great success with Craigs List (both selling/getting rid of and finding).

That red cape is GORGEOUS!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Yes, Habitat is a good source and I believe they pick up.
How nice you found reputable workers. A think that's a rarity nowadays. My Las Vegas son is a finish carpenter. Sure wish he'd spend a month in Ohio redoing my kitchen...sigh...but I know that's not going to happen.
Hope you find something to stitch soon :)

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