May 14, 2018

Right off the bat

there are problems getting the old windows out before anything else can be done.  We're forecast with storms all week including this afternoon so I think this will take weeks to finish.  And to make matters worse, his two workers decided they aren't working today.  He called someone else but Mark may end up being the helper.  He said this is common with the young men he hires.  The garage door company came out Friday to measure and said the same thing.  The younger guys want $25 a hour (with no experience and don't know the difference between vice grips and pliers), or they don't show up for work, or they are looking at their phones all day, or they can't pass the drug tests.  He said his business owner friends are having the same problem. 
Thank goodness I remembered to remove all the framed/glass samplers from the walls because they're 'a rockin'!
The boys can't figure out what's going on, but whatever it is, they are not happy.
I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day.  My nephew brought over a pound of Melt-a-ways and four massive chocolate covered strawberries.  Since I tell people that although I am 66, I have a 79 year old child, my sister (the child) bought me a Mother's Day card!  Smart ass.
And for a little eye candy on a Monday...
isn't this wonderful?  Love red houses.  This is a side entrance between house and garage of a cape for sale (thanks Pinterest).
Hope you have a great day!!


J Murphy said...

I love the color & front porch. I my husband & I know the feeling in getting good help. We went through the same thing. My husband finally let them go & started doing all the work himself along with the help of our son of course. He works for us. It gets so frustrating. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Heritage Hall said...

Heartbreaking what technology (ill-used) and misdirected lifestyle are doing to some youths.. leads to $25. hr with no sense of accountability, says she descending from the soapbox. Hope it all comes together in your favor, Marly. Nothing like
chocolate for Mother's Day.

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Hey Marly, the reno is really looking like great fun. Those flowers are beautiful and I love your two boys. Hope the weather cooperates for you too. Have not been able to visit lately . . . you have been busy too.
Enjoy the week, Peace and Folk Art Hugs for all, Barb

Lisa B. said...

Know too well about having problems finding people to work. That's why I get so ticked when folks say there aren't any jobs. Ridiculous. It's also why I think there is a problem with illegal workers, but that's just my humble opinion. Love that sweet red saltbox house. Where is it located? It's for sale? How wonderful. Best of luck to you on your renovations.

Berit said...

Well, $25 IS a number approaching a living wage (esp. here in the north NJ!), but workers still need to be people and tradesmen of excellence for that wage! I think it's pretty great that your nephew and yes, even sister remembered you on the day. You are thinking of and working for them all year round from what I have seen!

deb said...

Hope the problems are soon sorted and the job doesn't end up being interminable!

Sister may be a smartass, but I bet it made your laugh. :)

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