May 31, 2018

The walker that ran

Hey hey!  How fast did May fly by?   Too fast.
I got a chuckle from Carole yesterday.  Compared to the close-to-dying days she has had, it was still a good day, but she had a few mishaps.  
She drove to Tyler's ball game, usually she sits in the car to watch but it was really hot.  So she had Matt get the folding chair from the car and she sat under a nearby tree.  So many small children running around unsupervised and she was getting really concerned.  Until she got hit with a stray ball.  She's bruised but a few inches over and it would have struck her pacemaker, which she is 100% dependent on because an idiot doctor did an unnecessary AV node ablation.  It is just under the skin and we're sure a hit would affect it.  If it stops, so does her heart.  When she realized what could have happened, she was really upset and will not be going to any more games.
When she returned home, she used her Rollator walker as she watered flowers at the top of her driveway. (I showed a picture of her luge track drive before.  If you don't make the bottom turn to the right, you kind of go over a little cliff.)   She removed the watering can from its seat and off it went.  She felt like she was in a slow motion skit as she watched it fly down that drive, then lost sight of it once it rounded the bend.  Her biggest concern was it crossing the road and causing an accident.  Chris was cutting her grass and saw it ripping down the drive and panicked, thinking she fell. 
Once they calmed down and he retrieved it from the mailbox post, she started making hot sausage patties on the grill for him, and a small steak for herself.  She was so looking forward to that steak, had not indulged in a while.  His patties were almost done so she moved them to the side and went to the kitchen for her steak.  She has two female Baltimore Orioles that are psychotic and one buzzed her as she stepped outside, the steak slid off the plate on to the ground.  Nothing was going to stop her from having that steak, so she picked it up and went back in to wash it off.  When she got back to the grill, it didn't seem as hot and of course, it had run out of gas.  She put Chris's sausage on the plate with her steak and headed back into the house once again, but this time her foot slipped out of the shoe and her knee crashed into one of only two steps.  Yep.  The steak went flying and the airborne sausage patties couldn't save it. 
She decided to sit in her rocker and watch Expedition Unknown for the rest of the evening. 
Smart move.


Anonymous said...

OMG! Poor Carole. You couldn't even make her story up! I hope today was better for her.

Sandra In Texas

~mj~ said...

I shouldn't laugh, it is really not funny...but here I am with tears rolling down my face. You have a knack for wonderful story telling!!

CathieJ said...

Oh my goodness what a comedy of errors! Sometimes you just have to believe that God is having a boring day and messing with us. I hope Carole sees the humor in all of it. My goodness.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Never a dull moment, is there?

C M Designs said...

Carole's story would be perfect for "Funniest home videos" if it wasn't so exasperating. She'll have to try another day.
Happy 1st of June.........before we know it, 4th of July fireworks will be being sold. UGH !
Take care.
Charlotte in Va.

tnquilt said...

I won't complain. Carole's day was not an easy one!

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